KEMPER MEDICAL IS A WORLD WIDE DISTRIBUTOR OF PREMIUM MEDICAL SUPPLIES FROM MANUFACTURERS WITH THE BEST REPUTATIONS. KMI’S BEGINNINGS SPRUNG FROM A REQUEST BY A SINGLE MANUFACTURER TO HELP WITH SOME CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES THEY WERE HAVING IN THEIR LOCAL AREA. FROM THAT REQUEST TO PRESENT DAY, KMI HAS GROWN TO DISTRIBUTE FOR 24 MAJOR MANUFACTURERS. WITH AGGRESSIVE EXPANSION, PRODUCTS ARE BEING ADDED DAILY AND CATEGORY NICHES ARE BEING FILLED. OUR MEDICAL SUPPLIES MANUFACTURERS ARE ALL “NAME BRAND” COMPANIES WITH THE BEST REPUTATIONS IN THE INDUSTRY. KMI prices its Medical Supply products at the extreme end of “low”. Products are brand-name and first-quality – the same as those found at much higher prices from other sources. KMI built the company to operate on a razor thin margin and does so while maintaining world-class quality and service. Kemper Medical was founded by Greg Kemper in 2008. A former X-ray, Ultrasound, CT tech and radiology department manager, he understands your needs and can speak your medical language. We thank you for your gracious support allowing us to grow in size and scope, offering even better prices on a growing online catalog. Please order by phone, fax, email or our website. Give Kemper Medical a try. We would love the opportunity to earn your business.