Apron Care & Guidelines

The following guidelines and tips will help maintain your garments safe performance as well as keep your x-ray protective apparel looking good for many years to come.


We recommend that your x-ray protective garment is inspected thoroughly upon receipt and at regular intervals as determined under your radiation safety program.

During a plain film radiographic inspection you may observe:

Care of Aprons

Storage: Do not fold, crease, drape or sit down tightly on your garments. We strongly recommend that our aprons be hung on a heavy duty chrome hanger (Item # 200H) or equivalent and not on a hook.

Cleaning: Keep your garment clean by wiping away stains as soon as possible, using cold water and mild detergent. Do not autoclave.

Velcro must be secured properly to avoid snagging or tearing of fabric. Always store apron with Velcro closed.

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