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Bar-Ray Pediatric Thyroid Collar - Set of 3 - Nonlead

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Bar-Ray Pediatric Thyroid Collar - Set of 3 - Nonlead

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Radiation Protection for your Youngest Patients

  • Model:  PediatricCollar-BR

  • Lead Time: 20-25 Business days

  • Manufacturer: Bar-Ray



Bar-Ray Pediatric Thyroid Collar - Set of 3 - Nonlead 

This set of three collars will protect your youngest patients from radiation and make the childs parents comfortable with their exams. Show them how much you care by putting on a correctly sized thyroid collar on your youngsters. 

These collars are 0.50mm lead equivalent. 

One set of three includes sizes small (6 1/2" x 3"), medium (7 1/2" x 3 1/2") and large (8 1/2" x 4").







STARLITE it contains no lead yet provides the same attenuation properties as Cost Cruncher and True Lite. Starlite is 12% lighter than True Lite.Starlite is the protection you want when working long procedures, since most .50mm equivalent Starlite front protection aprons weigh approximately 10 lbs or less – that’s a big weight off your shoulders! Like our other protective products, Starlite is available in the ‘Ultra’ version making the apron even lighter – imagine a front protection apron that weighs approximately 7 pounds and still gets an attenuation rating of 97% at 100 KVP.

Return Policy

Return Policy


Thank you for choosing Bar-Ray for your new protective apparel. To ensure the longevity of your new garment, please follow these simple guidelines:

Upon receipt of your garment, the Quality Control Officer should radiograph it to ensure that no damage occurred during shipping.

When not in use your garment should be stored properly.

Remove stains immediately when they occur. If this is not possible, clean with warm water and a non-bleach dishwashing soap. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleansers. Some upholstery cleaners that remove protein stains may be used to clean blood.


  • radiograph the apron on a regular basis.
  • clean it regularly.
  • store it properly.


  • sit in/on your apron.
  • expose it to extreme temperatures.
  • lean against sharp edges or pointed objects.
  • store the apron over the back of a chair
  • fold your apron

WARRANTY One (1) year from date of shipment.


When ordering a new Bar-Ray protective apron, we offer disposal of your old Bar-Ray aprons on a one-for-one basis. Simply remove the outer cover, keeping the manufacturing tags intact, and return prepaid to the address shown below.


Please contact us at Kemper Medical if you have any questions (541-508-0540).

Return Policy

Please contact Kemper Medical for a Return Authorization Number. Returns to Bar-Ray without prior authorization will not be accepted.


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