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Thyroid Collars: Unparalleled Protection

Thyro-Guard Thyroid Collar



Dental Thyroid CollarAmara Allen is a real person (only the name is changed to protect the patient; everything else in the story is real and true) who lives in the southeast corner of Idaho, a state that is bordered by Canada, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. It is a great, quiet, sleepy place to live and grow up in. She is 28 years old and has lived a quite “ordinary” life, filled with family, friends, a significant other and a lot of laughter, fun and tears. Mostly, the tears have come in the past three years, after her devastating diagnosis of advanced thyroid cancer. The diagnosis came with absolutely no warning. One evening, while visiting with friends, one of the friends was shocked to see what looked to be an egg sized shape and sized lump in Amara’s neck. Amara ran to the bathroom mirror and was horrified at what she saw. It had not been visible until that very evening. The next day, she called her doctor and was brought in for tests and within two weeks she had the diagnosis. One month later, she had a radical surgery that removed her entire thyroid gland and has been fighting the effects of losing her thyroid and battling the “leftover” cancer cells since that night of the discovery of the cancer.

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Custom X-Ray Markers: The Perfect Way To Add A Personal Touch

Personal Touch Photo X-ray Film Markers: Splat


RadiographerRadiographers, also known by many other titles such as radiologic technologists, diagnostic radiographers and medical radiation technologists, are medical and healthcare professionals who specialize in the imaging of human anatomy for the diagnosis and treatment of pathology. The word pathology itself may be used broadly to refer to the study of disease in general, incorporating a wide range of bioscience research fields and medical practices. However, when used in the context of modern medical treatment, the term is often used in a more narrow fashion to refer to processes and tests which fall within the contemporary medical field of “general pathology,” an area which includes a number of distinct but interrelated medical specialities that the diagnosis of disease, mostly through analysis of tissue, cell, bone and x-ray samples. For this particular article, we are referring to the x-ray component of pathology and the work (and the style of the technologist) that the technologist does. Continue reading Custom X-Ray Markers: The Perfect Way To Add A Personal Touch

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Glitter X-Ray Markers: Stylish And Fun In A Serious Way

R & L 5/8" X-ray Film Markers - Glitter Yellow


Elapse Sun-Dial X-ray MarkerX-ray markers, also known as: anatomical side markers, Pb markers, lead markers, x-ray lead markers, or radiographic film identification markers, are used to mark x-ray films, both in hospitals and in industrial workplaces (such as on aeroplane parts and motors). They are used on radiographic images to determine anatomical side of body, date of the procedure, and may include patients name. The purpose of a lead marker is to mark an x-ray. You will commonly find markers in “left” and “right” letter options, to clearly identify each side of the patient’s body. By labeling the left and right side during an x-ray, it can prevent future mistakes and confusion.When you have completed the requirements (classes, degrees, extra trainings and graduation) to become a radiologic technician in the industry, you will want to show off your skills and mark your work forever. The best (and most fun) way to do this is with your very own personalized set (or many sets) of customized glitter x-ray markers. Continue reading Glitter X-Ray Markers: Stylish And Fun In A Serious Way