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Kemper Medical Radiation Protection Glasses: Why Customers Give Them A Thumbs-Up

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Radiation protective eyewear is a must if your eyes will be exposed to scattered, direct, or reflected laser radiation. There are three basic kinds of laser radiation.

Direct laser radiation happens when there is contact with a beam that directly comes from a laser. It is never good to get hit by a direct beam, whether accidentally or on purpose. Then, there is indirect or reflected laser radiation, which comes from a reflected beam, which typically carries only a fraction of the direct beam’s strength. However, it can still cause serious damage to the eyes.

Finally, there is scattered laser radiation, which is the same as reflected laser radiation, except it does not come from a reflected surface, but rather a diffuse one. For example, if you enter a dark room, turn your flashlight on, and point it toward your ceiling, you will see scattered light bouncing off the ceiling and lighting up the entire room — that’s essentially a type of reflection. There are lasers that can cause blindness or permanent eye damage — even with scattered radiation! — so you have to be careful. Take extra caution not to let the beam directly hit you.

As a person who works in an environment where we are frequently exposed to lasers, I am grateful that Kemper Medical offers affordable laser safety glasses. I was able to purchase them without having to cut back on personal expenses or work overtime just to get the money to buy them. These radiation protection glasses are necessary for protecting the eyes against harmful radiations.

I recommend these protective eyewear to anyone who works or stays in an area where a laser connected to a power source is also present. Keep them on at all times, even when the power source is turned off. Take these glasses with you even if there are no signs around telling people to bring radiation protection glasses. It is better to be safe than sorry. After all, it takes just several nanoseconds for the laser to damage your eyes. Never neglect safety. Keep your eyes protected at all times.

Radiation protection glasses can be quite expensive. Because I have a family and small children to feed and send to school, I am always in a tight budget. What great joy I had when I found out that there was a company who sold glasses for a great price.

Kemper Medical offers high quality medical supplies at affordable prices. They offer low-cost alternatives to branded laser safety glasses and other products. They are a global distributor of premium medical equipment from some of the major manufacturers. They have built a good reputation as a medical device distributor.

They understand our need to purchase effective, reliable, and safe products without going over our budget. Their prices are low because they don’t waste money on excessive marketing and advertising. They operate on a razor thin margin. They can help us find and buy the things we need without shelling out a lot of money.

When I found out that the company was founded in 2008 by Greg Kemper, who used to work as a radiology department manager and was adept with X-rays, computed tomography, and ultrasound tech, I was convinced this was the company for me.

Because of his work background, he knows how expensive medical equipment can be. He also understands the need of people to find good buys. This is why Kemper Medical offers a variety of products at a fraction of the cost of their branded counterparts. Their products are shown on their online catalog. I was able to browse the catalog and compare products.

It is actually pretty easy to place an order. I simply emailed them and received a response right away. The company can be contacted via phone or fax other than email.

Keep in mind that eye protection is highly important. The eyes are obviously among the most sensitive parts of the body. Without them, we will have a hard time moving around and functioning normally.

So if you are like me whose work requires being exposed to radiation on a regular basis, it is highly crucial that you wear laser safety glasses. If you use an X-ray machine at work, you also need radiation protection glasses. Do not think that X-rays are not damaging, because they are.

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Kemper Medical Customer Service

I remember the days when prescription and over-the-counter drugs used to be quite expensive. As a regular customer (yes, I get to visit the pharmacy quite often), this takes a huge toll on my paycheck (not to mention the entire family budget) whenever someone in my family catches a cold, gets an infection, or any other disease. We experienced a harder time when we get confined in a hospital and have to undergo expensive treatments.

Fortunately, generic drugs and modern medical devices have been invented. I’m so thankful for advances in the world of medicine. Thanks to these cheaper alternatives, we can now afford high quality medicine. My family can pay for prescription or over-the-counter drugs, as well as medical devices, such as syringes, without making a huge dent on our monthly budget.

We can also undergo the necessary treatment procedures without worrying that the expenses will bury us in great debt. The reason why these treatment procedures are expensive is because they involve the use of expensive branded medical devices. But since clinics and hospitals are starting to use generic products, their medical services have become more affordable.

A Thank You Note to Kemper Medical

I learned that a lot of the tools and medication that my family has been able to afford was from Kemper Medical. So I did a little research about the company. Here’s what I found out:

Kemper Medical is a national and global distributor of high quality medical products, including angiographic syringes among others. Although unbranded, its medical devices are just as good as their expensive counterparts. For years, they have supplied manufacturers and exporters of medical imaging equipment for MRI and CT. They are a recognized leader in contrast injector technologies.

In 2008, the company was built by Greg Kemper. He was an Ultrasound, X-ray, and CT tech as well as a manager of the radiology department. Due to his previous experiences and work, he has acquired sufficient knowledge regarding medical equipment. We trust the company that they have our best interest in their heart.

They have everything customers might possibly need, from CT injector syringes to other medical devices. They have a huge online catalog that features their products. Unlike popular brands, they do not sell their products for such high prices. Their products are affordable and suitable for people who are on a budget. We like it because we can get the most of our money here.

I’m a busy person. I do not have the luxury of time to deal with a complicated ordering system. Thankfully, Kemper Medical has a simple and easy to use web interface. I was able to compare multiple products on the site before placing my order. Customers can also reach them via e-mail, fax, and phone.

Judging Beyond the Price Tag

People should know that just because a company offers products at lower prices does not mean that they are frauds or scammers. Sometimes companies are able to offer products at much lower prices because they do not spend tons of money on advertising and marketing campaigns. They operate on a razor thin margin, and they understand the growing needs of their customers.

It is good to know that there are companies like Kemper Medical. They distribute medical supplies all over the world, representing more than twenty-four major manufacturers. They are also continuing to expand their products, so they can cater to more customers. I like the fact that their products are OEM equivalent, so I am sure that I am in safe hands.

Aside from CT and MRI injector syringes, they also have generic high pressure syringes that are compatible with the MRI and CT contrast media injection systems of many pharmaceutical companies. Their delivery systems for equivalent high pressure syringes include the following:

Mallinckrodt CT 9000 ADV. It makes use of a single head for delivering contrast media. It also accommodates front loading pre-filled syringes and empty syringes. This system is operated from a touchscreen that allows for injection activation via several key strokes. It is also programmable for up to 4 phases, including injection and scan delay features.

Optivantage Dual-Head. It features a Patency Check that allows imaging machine operators to verify if there are any patent fluid pathways before injecting the contrast media and Timing Bolus to make sure that optimum image quality is achieved through a scan delay. Contrast media is injected first, and then followed up with a saline flush. In addition, it lets the operator perform up to 6 phases of alternating injections of saline and contrast media. It also lets them simultaneously makes injections. There are faceplates available for both pre-filled and empty syringes.

For their Optivantage and CT 9000 ADV, they offer the following equivalent high pressure syringe products:

OEM Equivalent 844015 and OEM Equivalent 900099 syringes. Every kit has a 150-cm coiled tube and a 200-ml syringe. Every case has fifty syringes. As a customer, I do not like to wait a long time. Good thing, we only have to wait a couple of days before the package arrives.

OEM Equivalent 844021. Every kit has a 150-cm Y-coiled tube with dual-check valve and a 200-ml syringe. They also offer an 844021 equivalent 200-ml syringe with a long spike instead of coiled tubing for the purpose of refilling the syringes.

I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with the way the company operates. They have a diverse range of products at affordable prices, and they deliver the products within a couple of days.