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How to Find the Right Syringe

High Pressure Syringes

Today, we want to help you find a syringe which is perfect for your preferred purpose. There are many different types of syringes and each one is perfect for a specific type of injection. Once you’ve read this helpful quick guide, you’ll be ready to find the perfect syringe. Order it online or look for it right in your own community.

Which Type is Right For You?

If you’re planning on doing injections which are intramuscular (most antibiotics are injected subcutaneously), you should know that syringes with five millimeter doses are are the right choices.

If you’re planning insulin injections of the subcutaneous type, you’ll do better with a syringe which is pre-loaded with a single dose of insulin. Syringes for insulin are crafted for those who inject themselves. They have features which make them simpler to use. For example, a syringe for insulin injection will have a shorter-than-average needle, as insulin injections are given underneath the skin, rather than being administered in an intramuscular fashion. As well, they have needles of fine gauge, which cause less pain than thicker needles. Some of these syringes are pre-loaded with insulin. Others feature markings which make it easy to add the right dosage of insulin.

When shopping for syringes, experts consider some variables. For example, how much a patient weighs, how much medication must be administered and whether or not the patient is a child or a grown-up are typically considered.

Also, there are medications which are considered to be sensitive to light. This means that the medications change when they are exposed to sunlight. If you’re going to be injecting these forms of light-sensitive medications, you should know that there are tinted syringes (some have amber tints) which won’t let light in.

Patients who need pain management should be injected with syringes which have “luer” locks. Pain management is a challenging aspect of health care and these luer lock syringes allow medications to be released at a slower rate.

If a newborn baby needs an injection, you should consider a syringe which fits a 25 millimeter needle. If a newborn is smaller than average, a needle which measures eight to sixteen millimeters will be a smart choice.

How to Shop for Syringes

If you’re looking for the right syringes online, you should consider checking out a medical supply website which offers all of the most popular styles. It’s easier to find what’s best when there is an extensive selection of the syringe types that health care professionals rely on each and every day.

When you shop at a reputable website which offers a lot of syringe types, you’ll usually find that the product descriptions let you know which syringes are good for which tasks. For example, if you want a syringe with a Luer Lock, you’ll usually see “Luer” in the product description.

Syringes will also be available at local retailers. Sometimes, it’s easier to get a good deal on them online, but you’ll definitely have options in terms of how and where you buy them.

Shop for the Right Syringe Today

Now that you know some helpful information about the most common forms of syringes, as well as how to shop for them online, you’ll be ready to move forward and access appropriate syringes. It’s very important to buy the right type. If you’ll be self-injecting and you have questions about which syringe is right for you, be sure to ask a doctor or nurse for advice. You may even be able to get self-injection lessons which help you to minimize pain and/or bruising when you do self-inject.

Syringes deliver medications to people who need them. They are important health care accessories and they come in so many different types. When you find the right one, administering a correct dose and ensuring that the medication delivers optimal benefits will be easier.

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Kemper Medical Customer Service

I remember the days when prescription and over-the-counter drugs used to be quite expensive. As a regular customer (yes, I get to visit the pharmacy quite often), this takes a huge toll on my paycheck (not to mention the entire family budget) whenever someone in my family catches a cold, gets an infection, or any other disease. We experienced a harder time when we get confined in a hospital and have to undergo expensive treatments.

Fortunately, generic drugs and modern medical devices have been invented. I’m so thankful for advances in the world of medicine. Thanks to these cheaper alternatives, we can now afford high quality medicine. My family can pay for prescription or over-the-counter drugs, as well as medical devices, such as syringes, without making a huge dent on our monthly budget.

We can also undergo the necessary treatment procedures without worrying that the expenses will bury us in great debt. The reason why these treatment procedures are expensive is because they involve the use of expensive branded medical devices. But since clinics and hospitals are starting to use generic products, their medical services have become more affordable.

A Thank You Note to Kemper Medical

I learned that a lot of the tools and medication that my family has been able to afford was from Kemper Medical. So I did a little research about the company. Here’s what I found out:

Kemper Medical is a national and global distributor of high quality medical products, including angiographic syringes among others. Although unbranded, its medical devices are just as good as their expensive counterparts. For years, they have supplied manufacturers and exporters of medical imaging equipment for MRI and CT. They are a recognized leader in contrast injector technologies.

In 2008, the company was built by Greg Kemper. He was an Ultrasound, X-ray, and CT tech as well as a manager of the radiology department. Due to his previous experiences and work, he has acquired sufficient knowledge regarding medical equipment. We trust the company that they have our best interest in their heart.

They have everything customers might possibly need, from CT injector syringes to other medical devices. They have a huge online catalog that features their products. Unlike popular brands, they do not sell their products for such high prices. Their products are affordable and suitable for people who are on a budget. We like it because we can get the most of our money here.

I’m a busy person. I do not have the luxury of time to deal with a complicated ordering system. Thankfully, Kemper Medical has a simple and easy to use web interface. I was able to compare multiple products on the site before placing my order. Customers can also reach them via e-mail, fax, and phone.

Judging Beyond the Price Tag

People should know that just because a company offers products at lower prices does not mean that they are frauds or scammers. Sometimes companies are able to offer products at much lower prices because they do not spend tons of money on advertising and marketing campaigns. They operate on a razor thin margin, and they understand the growing needs of their customers.

It is good to know that there are companies like Kemper Medical. They distribute medical supplies all over the world, representing more than twenty-four major manufacturers. They are also continuing to expand their products, so they can cater to more customers. I like the fact that their products are OEM equivalent, so I am sure that I am in safe hands.

Aside from CT and MRI injector syringes, they also have generic high pressure syringes that are compatible with the MRI and CT contrast media injection systems of many pharmaceutical companies. Their delivery systems for equivalent high pressure syringes include the following:

Mallinckrodt CT 9000 ADV. It makes use of a single head for delivering contrast media. It also accommodates front loading pre-filled syringes and empty syringes. This system is operated from a touchscreen that allows for injection activation via several key strokes. It is also programmable for up to 4 phases, including injection and scan delay features.

Optivantage Dual-Head. It features a Patency Check that allows imaging machine operators to verify if there are any patent fluid pathways before injecting the contrast media and Timing Bolus to make sure that optimum image quality is achieved through a scan delay. Contrast media is injected first, and then followed up with a saline flush. In addition, it lets the operator perform up to 6 phases of alternating injections of saline and contrast media. It also lets them simultaneously makes injections. There are faceplates available for both pre-filled and empty syringes.

For their Optivantage and CT 9000 ADV, they offer the following equivalent high pressure syringe products:

OEM Equivalent 844015 and OEM Equivalent 900099 syringes. Every kit has a 150-cm coiled tube and a 200-ml syringe. Every case has fifty syringes. As a customer, I do not like to wait a long time. Good thing, we only have to wait a couple of days before the package arrives.

OEM Equivalent 844021. Every kit has a 150-cm Y-coiled tube with dual-check valve and a 200-ml syringe. They also offer an 844021 equivalent 200-ml syringe with a long spike instead of coiled tubing for the purpose of refilling the syringes.

I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with the way the company operates. They have a diverse range of products at affordable prices, and they deliver the products within a couple of days.

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Medical Syringes That Work

MEDRAD Spectris MRI Power Injector System Syringes

If you are in search of a company that offers high quality medical devices at affordable prices, you have come to the right place. Our company, Kemper Medical, was founded in 2008 by Greg Kemper, a former Ultrasound, X-ray, Computed Tomography tech and radiology department manager. Because of his previous work and experience, he knows and understands what the customers need. He has the ability to speak your medical language.

Since our company started, we have catered to a wide variety of clients. We thank each and every one of you for your gracious support. You have allowed us to increase in scope and size. Hence, we offer you better prices and a bigger online catalog. You can reach us through our official website, fax, phone, and e-mail. To make shopping convenient for you, you can compare multiple products on our site. This way, you can find one that best fits your budget and needs.

We have priced our medical supply products so low that some people become shocked of their high quality. We guarantee that our products are just as good as the expensive branded products you see on the market. Just because our products are low priced does not mean that they are cheap. If you are wondering how we can afford to offer excellent products for a fraction of the cost, you should know that we have built our company to function on a razor thin margin.

We distribute premium medical supplies all over the globe. We represent over twenty-four major manufacturers. We are also expanding aggressively, adding new products every day. We are filling our category niches quickly in order to meet the growing needs of our clients. Note that all each and every one of our products are OEM equivalent. So basically, they are all as good as their original counterparts.

We offer affordable prices, but we do not compromise on quality. Our generic injector syringes are meant to be used with the Spectris MR injector systems. As you probably already know, MRI injector syringes are very pricey. In fact, these syringes are the main reason why diagnostic procedures are very expensive. When you undergo a procedure, you are required to pay thousands of dollars. That’s just not practical, especially if you have to pay for other things.

If you are in search of a more cost-effective alternative, our MRI injector syringes and other medical syringes are the solution. Even if they are generic, they are just as good as their branded counterparts. You can get the same benefits from them as you would from more expensive syringes. Generic brands generally cost less because they do not spend a lot of money on marketing campaigns. They have less ads and promotions.

Generic injector syringes, just like any other unbranded medical devices, may begin to account for the increasing share of the United States medical devices market as professional health care providers experience the pressure to lower down costs. In 2013, the medical device market’s size is an estimated of $125.4 billion; and by 2016, it is estimated to reach about $133 billion. If only a huge portion of these markets was composed of generics, more medical professionals and patients would benefit.

The idea of using generic devices has become more accepted today since generic drugs have increased in popularity. Gone are the days when generic products are looked down upon. The idea behind them is that, when a branded device or drug expires, the other manufacturers can come up with generic versions as long as they have the same safety and efficacy as the originals.

Ever since the development of generic prescription drugs, more people are able to afford the medications that they need to get better. Likewise, the introduction of generic medical devices on the market has enabled many clinics to provide more affordable treatments to their patients. More people are also able to benefit from reasonably priced diagnostic procedures. The term ‘generics’ has since then lost much of its negative connotation. Unbranded drugs and medical devices are no longer considered inferior to their branded and more expensive counterparts.

Here at Kemper Medical, we guarantee that our MRI injector syringes are proven safe and effective. We are a distributor that has stepped up to meet the growing demand for unbranded devices, including generic injector syringes. We have supplied so many clinics and radiological surgeries for years now. Our devices are typically used as part of injector systems that inject contrast media into the patients for diagnostic purposes. Our products are hygienic, high in quality, and easy to operate.