Frequently Asked Questions

1What does the “Lead Time” mean?
Every product has a lead time range listed. That range is the general amount of time it takes to manufacture your order. It is not set in stone. The time it takes to manufacture your order will depend on the number of orders ahead of yours. It may take longer than the lead time indicates or it may be shorter. KMI is not updated daily by the manufacturers indicating their current lead time. We will send the tracking numbers as soon as your item ships.
2What is your Return Policy?
KMI’s return policy is the same as that of the manufacturer of the item(s) you are purchasing. Many items like custom made aprons, Rx glasses or glasses that have been engraved are not returnable. Other items must be re-sellable by the manufacturer and may have a re-stocking fee. If the manufacturer will take the item back, so will KMI.
3I ordered my items as a “Guest” then later registered for an account and can’t see my order.
If you ordered as a guest, you will not be able to connect with any prior orders. You can only log in and see your activity from the time you registered for an account. It takes very little extra effort to register for an account and it gives you the opportunity to check your past orders.
4Do you have a rep in my area?
KMI does not use reps at this time. In order to keep our prices at the absolute lowest and also provide free shipping for most of our items, we’ve sacrificed reps. Most questions are answered on the website and you are always welcome to call or email if you have specific needs or questions that need an answer.
5How do I know which glasses are best for me?
Glasses are a personal choice. The lenses are all made out of the same Schott leaded glass so there is no difference in front protection from a $69.00 frame and a $400.00 frame. We recommend finding a frame that you can try on that fits you well and get the measurements from that frame. Then, look for a style that is similar with similar measurements. That will help narrow down the choices to frames that will most likely fit you the best.