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High Quality And Affordable Medical Supplies From Kemper Medical, Inc

Last updated on June 19th, 2020.

Kemper Medical, Inc. is dedicated to providing a variety of products to medical fields of all kinds. We focus on products that are reliable and high in quality, and we provide them at prices that are affordable. We are proud to support the medical field at large with the products required for diagnostic, protective, and procedural purposes.

We are a worldwide distributor of medical products and supplies from trusted and highly reputable manufacturers, and as time goes on, we are consistently filling more and more category niches.

Don’t think our low prices mean we offer inferior products – we provide brand-name, high quality products at prices you won’t get from other sources. Kemper Medical, Inc. maintains a razor thin margin in order to provide the necessary medical products at the lowest prices possible.

Ultrasound Gel Warmers

Gel WarmerWe provide ultrasound gel warmers for a greater degree of comfort when it comes to ultrasound imaging. Contact Kemper Medical, Inc. for any of the following:

  • Composite Gel Warmer – Single Bottle Unit – This ultrasound gel warmer is built to maintain a constant temperature, which is factory set at a comfortable 104 F. It is comprised of high quality materials for high density, impact resistant composite housing. It is UL and CSA listed with a hospital grade power cord and heat indicator lamp.
  • Composite Gel Warmer 3-Bottle Unit – This ultrasound gel warmer includes all of the qualities of the standard Composite Gel Warmer, with a three bottle unit and an illuminated on and off switch. It also includes an energy saving lid and 3-position thermostat ranging from a low of 95 degrees F, medium of 104 degrees F, and high of 115 degrees F.
  • Digital Display Thermostat Gel Warmer – This ultrasound gel warmer is UL and CSA listed with hospital grade power cord, head indicator lamps, three bottle unit with illuminated on and off switch. High density, impact resistant composite housing. It also includes an energy saving lid and 3 position thermostat ranging from a low of 97 degrees F and a high of 109 degrees F in 1 degree increments.
  • Ultrasound Gel Warmer for Single 250ml Bottles – This UL approved ultrasound gel warmer includes a uni-sleeve heating element that can be adjusted up to 122 degrees F, and illuminated on and off switch, and stainless steel with white powder coat finish. It is 5”w/8”w x 6”d x 5”h.
  • Double Ultrasound Gel Warmer for 250ml Bottles – This ultrasound gel warmer is a double bottle unit that is UL and CSA approved. It includes a uni-sleeve heating element that adjusts up to 122 degrees F, an illuminated on and off switch with a hospital grade cord, and stainless steel with white powder coat finish. It is 8”w x 6”d x 5”h.
  • Gel Warmer Triple Bottle Unit This ultrasound gel warmer is a triple bottle unit that is UL and CSA approved. It includes a uni-sleeve heating element that can be adjusted up to 122 degrees F, and illuminated on and off switch with hospital grade cord, and a stainless steel with white powder coat finish. This unit is 11”w x 6”d x 5”h.

X-Ray Lead Markers

These instruments are invaluable for indicating certain information that has to be included on x-rays in order to proper diagnosis, and therefore treatment, to take place. Our x-ray lead markers will provide the various markings required in:

  • Dentist’s offices
  • Hospitals
  • Chiropractic facilities
  • Veterinarian clinics

And more.

Our x-ray lead markers are comprised of strong lead, which is a natural radiation blocker. They will leave clear, visible imprints on x-rays of all kinds, including information such as:

  • The patient’s name
  • The date and time of the x-ray
  • The name or initials of the radiographer
  • The right and left sides of the body
  • The position of the patient’s body

All medical radiological technicians should know how to properly use their x-ray lead markers, having been trained on them as part of their schooling. The reason for this is to ensure accurate diagnosis of the patient. For instance, it is imperative to distinguish the left side of the patient’s body from the right side in cases such as:

  • Dextrocardia: A condition in which the patient’s heart is located on the right side of the body rather than the left.
  • Situs Inversus: A condition in which all organs are located on the opposite side of the body.

X-ray markers are also important for legal reasons. Failing to include information from them can render an x-ray null and void if it ever has to be used as a medical document. X-ray marker information is imperative in case a medical facility should be involved in a lawsuit for any reason.

Laser Safety Glasses

Laser Safety GlassesAt Kemper Medical, Inc., we provide laser safety glasses that will protect your vision from harmful radiation, feel comfortable enough for you to wear throughout your entire shift, and look good enough that you won’t mind wearing them anyway. Our glasses protect your visual structures with strong, high quality Schott German optical lenses that have a lead equivalency of 0.75mm.

We provide laser safety glasses for:

  • Pain clinics
  • Imaging facilities
  • Dental clinics
  • Physicians offices
  • Doctors offices
  • Veterinarian offices

Many technicians have to work in an environment that puts them at risk for exposure to radiation on a regular basis, and it is this consistent exposure that is the main concern. Patients who are exposed to relatively little amounts of high level radiation throughout their lives don’t need as much protection, as it is the accumulative effect of radiation exposure in medical industries that can lead to fatal consequences over time.

Our laser safety glasses will protect:

  • The Iris – the colored part of the eye
  • The Sclera – the white outer layer of the eye
  • The Conjunctiva – the mucous membrane covering the front of the eye
  • The Retinal Blood Vessels – the tiny arteries and veins within the eye

However, the most important eye structure they will protect is the Lens, which is most sensitive to the ionizing effects of radiation. The lens is the clear portion of the eye and it is responsible for directing light onto the retina.

Our laser safety glasses will protect your eyes from suffering irreversible damage, which most often manifests in the form of radiation induced cataracts. These differ from age related cataracts in that they form in the posterior part of the lense, rather than the interior.

Our laser safety glasses have increased in popularity in:

  • Cath labs
  • Surgery suites
  • EP labs
  • Urological procedures
  • Interventional radiology
  • Pain management
  • Orthopedic surgery

If you need high quality and affordable laser safety glasses, contact Kemper Medical, Inc. today!

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