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How To Dispose Radiation Lead Aprons

Wrap Around Full Overlap Apron

One topic that comes up quite often, is how best to dispose of our Lead Aprons when they are no longer useful. Wether you are currently wanting to throw away your old lead aprons, or just interested in being prepared, we hope this can help you in the future.

This question is often asked among medical professionals since lead aprons are so commonly used in their field of work. At Kemper Medical Inc. we know how important it is to dispose of your aprons properly because we deal with the same issues ourselves. This post will explain three different methods for properly discarding lead aprons when they are no longer of use to you.

Lead does an excellent job of blocking out radiation, but it can be harmful to the environment. It must be properly disposed of in order to prevent harm once it’s no longer in use. It’s important to take into consideration that some states may have different regulations and requirements than others for disposing of your lead apron. Be sure and check your local disposal regulations before getting rid of your apron. However the following methods will hopefully be of use in your location.

Three Ways For Disposing Of Your Lead Apron

  1. Contacting a recycling company: Many local recycling plants or scrap metal companies can be easily contacted by phone or internet. Finding one that recycles lead products is your first step. Quite often these companies will take the material and recycle it to create new lead aprons and other similar products.
  2. Contacting a hazardous waste carrier or handling company: Depending on your local hazardous waste carrier or handling company, some will come to you and pick-up the lead apron. Finding this out is as simple as a phone call. Make sure to check and confirm the handling company is licensed with your current state or local city. It’s important to follow your state and local regulations so that you do not find yourself in a bad situation.
  3. Your local landfill: Check with your local landfills, some will accept lead aprons however sometimes landfills won’t accept lead aprons with large cracks or damage due to high toxicity levels. Just make sure and check with them before hand and save yourself the trip.

These are the most common and appropriate disposal methods but there are other ways. In the end, it’s just important to remember that you should not just throw away your lead aprons in the regular trash.

If you’re looking for alternatives to lead aprons altogether, non-lead aprons are another option. Non-lead aprons offer the same protection, are typically lighter in weight and can be discarded in the regular trash. Kemper Medical Inc., is here to help you regardless. We have a large variety of aprons to fit all your needs.

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