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Accudxa2 Bone Mineral Density Analyzer

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Accudxa2 Bone Mineral Density Analyzer

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The first line of defense against Osteoporosis

  • Model:  7200Accdxa2-LOM   

  • Lead Time: 3-5 Business Days

  • Manufacturer: Lone Oak Technologies




The Accudxa2®

About the size of a breadbox, the accudxa2® is the affordable first line of defense in the diagnosis and treatment of osteo related disorders.


The accudxa2® Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Assessment System provides a quick, convenient, and economical measure for determining a patient's fracture risk.

Sophisticated Technology right in your office

Though small in size, the accudxa2® is packed with sophisticated technology. Everything you need to quickly and confidently assess your patient's BMD is housed within the unit. The simple test can be performed right in your office and does not require the removal of garments or the application of messy gels or creams. Unlike its most similar peripheral DXA competitors, the accudxa2® comes as a compact, self-contained unit that does not require the attachment of external PC drives, keyboards, or screens to achieve functionality, nor a separate lift assembly to move the device into position for screening. While the accudxa2® and its most similar competitors boast impressive and comparable precision and accuracy attributes, the accudxa2® is half the weight and a third the size of its most similar competitors: it is simply the most portable peripheral DXA device on the market today. The accudxa2® also features a lower effective radiation dose than either of its closest competitors, which produce effective radiation doses 500 to 250,000 times that of the accudxa2®. As an added plus, the accudxa2® requires no installation – simply place it on a lab bench or table, plug it into a wall receptacle, turn it on, and the device is ready to go.

Increased Quality of Care

The accudxa2® enables physicians to comply with National Osteoporosis Testing recommendations, and helps manage periodic osteoporosis screening for at-risk patients.

Fast Results

Results are achieved utilizing super-accurate Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA), the industry standard for BMD. Simply place the patient's hand in the unit, following a simple set of commands on the view screen. The scan time is less than ten seconds, and the overall exam can be completed in two minutes. With its touchscreen front panel, accudxa2®is completely self contained and does not require an external computer.

Clinically Proven

The accudxa2® analyzes the finger, a site with over 50 years of clinical acceptance. accudxa2®'s low precision error (<1%) allows for the detection of changes over time.

Low Radiation

Scatter to the operator is only 1/15,000th of the weekly radiation exposure limit. Patient exposure is 0.0003 uSv or 1/150,000th of a typical chest x-ray.

Cost Effective

The accudxa2® is a highly affordable BMD assessment system. Medicare pays $28 – $30 (CPT code 77081) per test. Plus, most private insurance companies reimburse slightly more – giving you the potential for a quick return on investment. The ease of use and short test time of the accudxa2® will help attract new patients.

Easy to Implement, Simple to Interpret

The accudxa2® is easy to implement requiring little to no training to conduct the test. The Bone Mineral Densitometry Report is automatically printed with a press of a button onto a single sheet of paper and includes the necessary patient information, BMD, BMC, T-score and Z-scores. The accudxa2® features a preset radiographic technique that cannot be changed by the operator. This allows anyone on the medical staff to operate the unit under the doctor's supervision. The unit's laser alignment positioning ensures accurate placement of the hand with every test. The accudxa2 Model 7200’s 8GB memory allows up to 4000 patient test records to be stored and reviewed within the unit, and patient test records can be transferred to a desktop computer or server. Nothing could be easier.

Sample Report




The Accudxa2 somes with a one year warranty on parts and labor. The accessory case includes one phantom, three sensor covers, one power cord, two fuses and one spudger tool. 

Bone Mineral Density Assessment Technologies: A Comparison 

When compared to other methods of BMD† assessment, the benefits of accudxa2®are clearly evident. As this chart demonstrates, accudxa2® helps the physician make an easier diagnosis of low bone mineral density. 

Technology Precision Accuracy error-BMC Radiation Estimated Exam Time
hip DXA 1 – 2%* 4 – 8%* 0.6 – 5.9 15 minutes
spine DXA 1%* 4 – 8%* 2.9 15 minutes
forearm DXA <1 – 2%** 4.3 – 5.2%** 0.1 7 minutes
Ultrasound 3%*** N/A N/A 3 minutes
accudxa2 <1% 1.8% .0003 2 minutes



We have provided this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to inform you of the most commonly requested facts regarding the accudxa2®. If your question is not listed, feel free to contact us at 1-888-818-4BMD and we would be happy to help you.

  1. What type of technology does the accudxa2® use? The accudxa2® utilizes dual-energy x-ray absorbtiometry (DXA), the standard in bone densitometry, to assess the bone mineral density (BMD) of the middle phalange of the third finger.
  2. How much radiation does the accudxa2® expose me to? The radiation exposure to the patient is less than 1% of a chest x-ray.
  3. How much does the accudxa2® cost? KMI makes every effort to give you the lowest price possible. We will meet or beat any verifiable price quote. If we can't beat it, we'll tell you you're getting a great deal and we can't match it.
  4. Who is qualified to operate an accudxa2®? All MD's and radiation technologists can operate the accudxa2®. MD’s and DO's can supervise the operation by other office staff. In many states, nurse practitioners and other properly trained individuals can operate the device as well.
  5. What is the CPT billing code and how much do insurance companies reimburse? The accudxa2® is a highly affordable BMD assessment system. Medicare part B pays $28 – $30 (CPT code 77081) per test. If one doctor is performing the procedure and another doctor is interpreting the results, the service should include a modifier as 77081-TC and 77081-26 respectively. Plus, most private insurance companies reimburse slightly more – giving you the potential for a quick return on investment. The ease of use and short test time of the accudxa2® will help attract new patients.
  6. What ICD-9 (diagnosis codes) should I use when billing Medicare? ICD-9 codes vary from state to state. To determine what ICD-9 codes apply in your area, please contact your Medicare carrier.
  7. My insurance company isn't reimbursing for the accudxa2®. Medicare is required by Federal law to reimburse for bone density testing where medically necessary.
  8. How quickly can I get one? Delivery is guaranteed within 4 weeks or less. We generally keep the Accudxa2 in stock. However, there will be times when orders come faster than production.
  9. How well is the accudxa2® correlated to the hip and spine? The finger is correlated as well to the hip as the hip is to the spine.
  10. What is the precision and accuracy of the test? The precision in clinical subjects is within 1%. The accuracy error (SEE=1.8%) is lower than other peripheral and axial techniques.
  11. Does finger BMD predict fracture? There is clear evidence showing that the finger helps predict generalized fracture as well as other peripheral and axial techniques.
  12. What are the dimensions? The accudxa2® occupies less than 2 square feet of space.
  13. Do I need to calibrate the accudxa2®? The machine is self-calibrating. A phantom is provided for the required quality control testing.
  14. How long does an accudexa exam take? An entire accudxa2® exam takes less than 2 minutes. Scan time is less than 10 seconds.
  15. I am in the process of registering my accudxa2® with the state radiation board and require some help. The information necessary for registration is provided on page C of the User Manual. For convenience, this information is repeated below: Maximum X-ray current: 5 mA Part number: 00001 Serial number: Check the label on the back of your unit Scatter radiation: Less than 1 mR/hr at 1 meter distance Absorbed dose (Effective radiation): 3.76E-4 uSv per scan
  16. I am not getting repeatable results on my accudxa2®. Please be sure you are following the strict guidelines of finger placement as detailed in the user manual.
  17. How can the T score be higher than the Z score? The T-score database is comprised of young healthy normal (YHN) data from individuals aged 20-29. Peak bone mass occurs at age 30-40 in women and 40-50 in men.
  18. How do I Monitor Changes in Bone Mineral Density? A physician should compare results of BMD tests taken on a patient over a period of time with the reported accudxa2® precision. For more information measuring changes in BMD over time, please consult the accudxa2® Model 7200 User Guide.
  19. What printers are supported by the accudxa2? The list of printers supported by the accudxa2 changes frequently as new models come to market. Click here for a list of the printers supported by the most recent release of the software.
Return Policy

Return Policy

Returning your accudxa2® Model 7200 for Repair, Service or Calibration

Lone Oak Medical Technologies provides service, repair and calibration support for the accudxa2® Model 7200. These services may be provided under warranty, or will be subject to a charge if the unit is outside warranty and not covered by the extended warranty. In either case, if you need to send an accudxa2® to Lone Oak Medical for technical support, repair, calibration or service, you must contact us first ( or 541-508-0540) and we will issue an RA number which you should apply on the outside of the box before shipping the unit to the manufacturer. Lone Oak cannot accept unsolicited returned units without an RA number. We specifically recommend shipping the accudxa2® in the Lone Oak-supplied packing carton that was custom-designed to protect your equipment while it is in transit. If you discarded the original packaging, please let us know so we can send another box and inserts out to you. Please be aware that there may be a charge for this. Under no circumstances should you ship the machine with packing peanuts or other loose packaging materials. These could cause further damage to your unit and are not covered by warranty. When you pack up your unit for shipment, please use the polythene bag and foam inserts provided. Seal the edges of the outer carton with packing tape but before you seal the box, make sure you remembered to include:

  • The accudxa2® unit for evaluation
  • Your RA number
  • Your accessory box including the finger phantom

Once we receive your accudxa2®, we will notify you of receipt and will evaluate the unit prior to advising you of any work that needs to be done.


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