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Category: Patient Recliners & Chairs

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Treatment protocols differ from region to region and facility to facility, but one thing remains constant: the need for treatment spaces that balance patient support and safety. For most patients, treatment is a blurry combination of anxiety and hope, loss of control and diminished independence. It’s a time of confusion and acceptance, and physical and emotional turmoil. For family members, it’s marked by feelings of helplessness and stress, trying to cope with the competing and immediate needs of their loved one, other family members and employers. For clinicians, it’s a workplace focused on patient surveillance, access to information and collaboration, and patient/family education and support. 

Recliners help patients relax in comfort with the option to change postures during treatment. It’s easy for clinicians to get close and technology while supporting the patient with their presence. 

From a clinical perspective, safety is the paramount concern. This is a time when patients are at risk for life-threatening reactions to their treatments and at risk for falls, so nurses must be able to observe their patients. And, as in any clinical setting but especially where many patients are immunosuppressed, infection control is a great concern.”Patients need to be able to relax, knowing they’re in safe hands while they receive treatment. And clinicians need to be able to react quickly, reaching the tools and supplies they need without delay or barriers, whether it’s assistance to the bathroom or a new IV bag. Ensuring patients’ safety while tethered to an infusion pump is part of the clinicians’ job as well. In most treatment spaces, patients sit in recliners as they receive their treatments. High quality medical grade patient recliners are manufactured so that patients lacking strength or dexterity can manipulate the chair to maximize comfort. 

Choice and control. 

Choice and control are of high importance to patients “A sense of control is important because cancer takes away your control,” was stated by a patient in a focus-group discussion. Questionnaire responses to “what control would an infusion patient most want?” were related to light, sound and temperature. Temperature control ranked as the top priority by these participants. This is most likely related to patient reactions to chilled fluid medications. Allowing patients to individually control their treatment environments may increase patient satisfaction. From the perspective of environmental design, possible solutions included multiple HVAC control zones, radiant heaters over each patient station and/or infusion recliners with heated seat options such as the massage and heating options offered in many of our Winco recliners. By offering safe environments for infusion therapy treatment rooms, clinicians, patients and families can feel confident and comfortable all is well. And that sense of emotional and physical comfort is a key piece of the treatment process. It’s important to realize that infusion therapy treatment is a highly individualized protocol and path. Every patient experiences different physical states and emotional needs at different points along the way, based on their diagnosis, treatment plan and possible side effects. “Every time you go to treatment, it’s different,”  Your patients physical condition is different, their perspective is different and you, the care partner, have different things going on, too. Personalizing that changing experience is an important part of what you’re trying to do. 

Our patient recliners are an important part of making the clinical environment into as positive an experience as possible for your patients.