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Loupes & Magnifiers

Magnifying eyewear and lights for dentists, surgeons, and hobbyists. Binocular loupes are designed for hands-free magnification so you can work unencumbered. Flip-up functionality allows you to easily switch between magnified and regular vision for efficient operation. Prescription loupes, magnification and working distance options, and loupe lights give you the ability to customize your loupes to suit your needs.

What is The Right Pair of Surgical Loupes For You?

Finding the right pair of dental or surgical loupes can be a difficult task since there are so many factors to consider. Every person’s face is different and one pair may work excellent for one person and terribly for another.

The first factor to consider is the working distance that you feel comfortable working at. For example, a person who is 5′ 6? tall is going to have a shorter working distance than someone who is 6’6? tall. You need to find the optimal distance away from the patient you prefer to work at. Here is an example of how someone in the dental field would choose their working distance.

After finding a suitable ergonomic position, you simply take a tape measure and measure the distance between your eyes and the patient.

The depth of field is the next factor to consider. The depth of field is another way of saying the safe viewing distance that the loupes will remain in focus. Which means you will be able to move closer and further away from the patient without your loupes losing focus.
Dental Loupe Magnification is the next factor that must be considered. There is a wide variety when it comes to magnification level of your loupes, with levels ranging from 2.5x magnification all the way up to 6.0x magnification for most standard surgical and dental loupes. When starting out with your first pair of loupes it is typically suggested to start with a low magnification such as a 2.5x or 3.0x since adjusting to loupes is easier if the magnification is lower.

Field of view is another factor that should be considered when buying a pair of loupes. With lower magnification comes a larger field of view and makes it easier to adjust to wearing loupes. With higher magnification the filed of view is reduced and is suggested for only those who have worn loupes in past and are confident with a smaller field of view

 Clip On Loupes For Those Who Already Wear Glasses

Clip on loupes are the most cost effective choice for those who already own a frame to attach them to. Clip on loupes offer the same level of magnification quality as the traditional galilean style loupes but with added flexibility. Clip on loupes flip up just the same as the galilean style so that the user can view an area without having to take off the loupes. Since every persons eye distance is different the loupes come with an adjustable knob that changes the pupilary distance of the loupes with a simple turn.

Clip On Loupes can be the most flexible and effective solution for surgeons, dentists, and dental hygienists. Clip-on style loupes can be attached to virtually any frame of glasses. This flexbility makes this style of loupe very popular among users who may already have glasses, and are especially popular with people who wear prescription lenses. Many users who wear prescription glasses are pleased that these loupes can be applied to their existing frame and therefore they do not have to have a pair of loupes custom made for them.