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Radiation Glasses – Lead Glasses for Radiation protection

You know that there is nothing more precious than your eyes and your eyesight. But did you know that your eyes are not only one of the most sensitive parts of your body, they’re also incredibly vulnerable to radiation? It’s true. That’s why it’s so important to protect your eyes from radiation damage by using high-quality lead glasses during each and every radiation procedure. Here at Kemper Medical, we offer a wide variety of premium radiation glasses that are perfect for hospital, dental practice, or x-ray lab use.

Do You Need Leaded Eyewear? We Have the Best Protective Glasses Available!

If you work in any profession within the Radiology field, you run the very real risk of damaging many different parts of your eye including:

  • Iris – the colored part of your eyes
  • Sclera – the white, outer layer of your eyes
  • Conjunctiva – the mucous membrane covering the front of your eyes
  • Retinal Blood Vessels – the tiny veins and arteries located inside of your eyes

One of the most critically at risk parts of your eye, however, is the lens — the clear portion of your eye responsible for directing and focusing light as it enters the eye. Unfortunately the lens can sustain irreversible damage from even low doses of radiation. This damage can take several forms, but is often seen in the form of radiation induced cataracts. Radiation induced cataracts are different from naturally occurring cataracts because they tend to form in the posterior (rear) portion of the lens. Lens cell damage can occur at relatively low doses of radiation and can consist of cell death and abnormal cell reproduction, often resulting in mutated cells being produced.

Fluoroscopy is one procedure that inherently causes direct exposure to primary beam or scatter radiation. That’s because operating a fluoroscope machine or C-arm that emits radiation in real time places the tech and physician in particularly close proximity to the primary beam and scatter radiation. This proximity requires that the medical professionals wear full protective gear including an apron, gloves and leaded eyewear throughout the procedure.

Because x-ray exposure is accumulated over time, it can lead to health problems later in life including cataracts. You can greatly reduce radiation exposure to your eyes by wearing leaded eyewear all the time. Kemper Medical offers leaded eyewear in both Plano (non-prescription) and prescription styles so you can wear your glasses from the time you report to work until you finish your day.

We use the very best radiation glasses you can find. All of our leaded eyewear contains superior quality Schott German optical lenses with a lead equivalency of 0.75mm. Many frames also have .50mm Pb Eq of side protection. New frames and light weight lenses make wearing leaded glasses easy all day long. Radiation Protection glasses are becoming standard safety equipment in almost all Cath Labs, Surgery suites, EP Labs, Urological procedures, Interventional Radiology, Pain Management and Orthopedic surgery. Kemper Medical has a huge selection of frame styles that provide optimum radiation protection for your eyes.

Many of our styles are also CE Certified for use in radiology and fluoroscopy in Europe.


We believe that you deserve the best products at the best prices, so we literally have the lowest prices around on premium leaded glasses. Despite our low prices, you can rest assured that the eyewear you receive is the top of the line. All of our premium leaded glasses styles are crafted by the best manufacturers in the industry, and you won’t find a better deal on them anywhere. In fact, each pair of protective glasses we sell offers high quality protection for your precious eyes. So, take a look around and find the perfect radiation glasses to fit your style and personality without worrying about quality.


Like we’ve said before, leaded eyewear is a necessity for anyone who works directly with equipment that emits x-ray radiation including traditional x-rays, digital x-rays, CT image scanners, interventional radiology equipment, and more. This protection is even more important if you are unable to retreat to a shielded control room during each and every radiology procedure. Surprisingly, direct exposure or “primary beam radiation” is generally less problematic for medical personnel than scatter radiation that bounces off of medical surfaces and patients’ bodies. That’s because x-rays can scatter multiple times off of multiple surfaces. What that means for you is that even being out of direct line of sight isn’t enough to ensure your safety. When worn consistently, our leaded eyewear can help protect your delicate eyes from both primary beam and scatter radiation.


So, when should you wear protective glasses? Well, radiation glasses should typically be worn any time you may potentially encounter direct beam or scatter radiation. Due to the nature of scatter radiation, many professionals who work in medical or dental facilities should actually wear protective glasses the entire time they are at work. Nevertheless, many people who should wear leaded eyewear for their entire work day don’t because they find the glasses either unflattering or uncomfortable. Investing in a set of premium leaded glasses allows you to find the comfort you need and the style you want. At Kemper Medical, we also offer a range of both prescription and non-prescription (Plano) lenses so that you never need to take off your protective eyewear during your shift.


Because our protective glasses offer you both style and comfort, you can wear them the entire time you’re working at your hospital, dental office, medical office, or radiology lab. When you do so, you can rest assured that your eyes are being protected by the best leaded eyewear in the industry. In fact, when you buy radiation glasses from Kemper Medical, you can know that you’re getting the best leaded eyewear available for the cheapest prices possible. We even offer free shipping on most of our name brand radiation glasses to help you get the protection you need at a price you can afford. Your eyesight is vitally important, so make sure that you take care of your eyes with our premium leaded glasses from the top brands in the industry.

Don’t let your eyes go unprotected for another minute. Buy leaded eyewear that fits your life and your style today!