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Xray Markers

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  • Phillips Safety Products Leaded PB Markers for X-rays with Aluminum Backs

    Phillips Safety Products Leaded PB Markers for X-rays with Aluminum Backs

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  • Techno-Aide Aluminum Word Markers

    Techno-Aide Aluminum Word Markers

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  • Arrow X-ray Marker 1"

    Arrow X-ray Marker 1″

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Xray Markers – X ray Lead Markers for X ray Technicians

Kemper Medical X-Ray Markers

You may be a radiological professional at a hospital or medical practice, dental practice, chiropractic facility, or veterinarian clinic. Whatever type of health facility you work in, you will be familiar with X-ray markers, or you may know them by one of their several other names: anatomical side markers, lead markers, X-ray lead markers, Pb markers, or radiographic film identification markers. As the name X-ray marker implies, these markers enable you to mark X-ray films in order to provide essential data pertinent to the X-ray. Such data can include whether it’s the right/left side of the body, the position of the body, the date and time of the X-ray, the patient’s name, the radiographer’s initials, etc. Kemper Medical X ray markers are also used when X-rays are taken in correlation with certain medical procedures such as intravenous pyelograms.

The Medical Importance of Markers

If you are a radiology technician, you will have been trained in the taking of X-rays including the use of markers. When you were in radiographer school, you were taught from the very beginning to position your markers within the main beam of radiographs. The primary purpose of using X ray markers is to distinguish the patient’s right from left. This is particularly important to prevent improperly diagnosing conditions like dextrocardia and situs inversus. Dextrocardia is the name given to a congenital condition of the heart being situated on the right side rather than the left. And situs inversus refers to a situation where all the internal organs are on the opposite side to normal. Although it’s easy to see that misrepresenting right from left in dextrocardia and situs inversus cases could cause huge medical errors, it’s equally important to get it right with respect to more common health problems.

The Legal Importance of Markers

Of course, you know that Xray markers are vital to the diagnostician. However, you may not have considered the legal aspect of X-ray markers if your facility is ever sued. Did you know that for an image to be regarded as a legal document, radiation must go through your marker so that the marker is visible and readable on the image? You should also be aware that this requirement has not changed with the advent of digital radiography. By the way, your initials on the marker are not necessary to make the X-ray acceptable as evidence in a court of law. The most important marker is the L or R. Unfortunately, not many facilities have a 100% marking policy in place, so if this applies to your practice you might want to speak to the appropriate person about this.

Advances in X-Ray Markers

Has it been some time since you’ve updated your X-ray markers? If so, you might be surprised at how markers have evolved in recent years and how many different varieties are now available. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Classic Elite Markers – While these left/right markers are an industry standard, they have evolved to fit the needs of today’s advanced imaging procedures. Kemper Medical carries a full range of Elite markers.
  • Clip Markers – Clip markers are used when attaching a marker to a cassette for portable imaging. Check out Kemper Medical’s clip markers.
  • Wafer Thin Markers – Wafer thin markers have easy bucky clearance and are ideal for use with newer digital equipment. Kemper Medical can supply you with wafer thin markers.
  • Copper Backing – Copper filtered X ray markers are used with higher KV settings. Take a look at Kemper Medical’s copper filtered markers.

Why You Should Purchase Kemper Medical X-Ray Markers

Kemper Medical is a worldwide distributor of premium medical products. We can provide you the best in medical products at extremely attractive prices. If you are a buyer of medical supplies for your facility, you can’t go wrong by purchasing from us. Our markers come in colored sets and are available in horizontal and vertical styles and in different shapes and sizes. Check out our web site to see a sampling of the X-ray markers we provide.


Kemper X-ray markers are essential to every radiation technologist. They serve as small visual indicators of important patient information. Radiology markers help guide the eye to the important parts of an X-ray and prevent errors from occurring. They are little workhorses of your trade. Whether you need to restock your radiology markers or replace old sets that need to be retired, Kemper Medical has got you covered. Check out our selection of markers and place your order with us.