AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 Laser Safety Glasses – Model #206

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Laser Safety Glasses for Professionals

  • SKU: LS-KG5-206-PSP
  • Lead Time: 3-5 Business Days
  • Manufactured by: Phillips Safety Products

Product Description

AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 Laser Safety Glasses – Model 206

Model 206 frame. This frame utilizes the ever popular wrap style. It is solid, sturdy, yet very comfortable. The 206 frame is somewhat narrow fitting frame so is a good fit for smaller heads. The AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 Laser filters will protect the eyes within the wavelength ranges listed below. 

  • OD>4+ from 870-950nm
  • OD>5+ from 950-1000nm
  • OD>7+ from 1000-1550nm
  • OD>4+ from 1550-2750nm
  • OD>6+ from 2800-11,000nm

Visual Light Transmission = Excellent 

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