AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 Laser Safety Glasses – Model #300

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Laser Safety Glasses for Professionals

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AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 Laser Safety Glasses – Model 300

The Model 300 frame is a spectacle style laser safety eyewear with a Black nylon frame made with extendable arms. The model 300 laser glasses have adjustable telescoping temple bars with a spectacle style design that provides comfortable laser protection. The model 300 laser glasses will keep your eyes protected within the wavelength ranges listed below. The AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2  polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and have exceptional optical clarity for all day wear and is an excellent choice for any industrial, medical or laboratory using AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2.  

Filter Specification
OD 4+ @870-950nm
OD 4+ @1550-2750nm
OD 5+ @950-1000nm
OD 6+ @2800-11000nm
OD 7+ @1000-1550nm
CE Laser Rating
900 – 925 DIR LB4
925 – 1000 DIR LB5
1000 – 1025 DIR LB6
1025 – 1400 D LB6 + IR LB7
1400 – 2400 DIR LB4
2900 – 10600 DI LB4
AKG-5+ Holmium/Yag/Co2

The AKG-5+ Holmium/Yag/Co2 is a laser safety lens made of a light blue AKG5 glass filter. It is cut and mounted into the model 300 black nylon frame. The frame features extendable temple arms to give you that perfect fit.

870-950nm 6+
950-1000nm 9+
1000-1550nm 10+
1550-2750nm 6+
2800-11,000nm 8+

VLT = Excellent




Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

Phillips Safety Products

Frame Color


Frame Materials


Frame Style



Female, Male


Large, Medium, Small

Temple Style

Adjustable, Bent

Temple Size


Laser Type

AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2

Filter Material


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