AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 Laser Safety Glasses – Model #33

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Laser Safety Glasses for Professionals

  • SKU: LS-KG5-33-PSP
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  • Manufactured by: Phillips Safety Products
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Product Description

AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 Laser Safety Glasses – Model 33

The Eurolite AKG-5 Holmium/Yag/Co2 lenses fit over most types of prescription glasses. It is the perfect fitover frame if you need laser safety glasses to fit over your current eyewear. It also offers an exceptional field of view, rubberized grip, and extremely light weight.

  • OD>4+ from 870-950nm
  • OD>5+ from 950-1000nm
  • OD>7+ from 1000-1550nm
  • OD>4+ from 1550-2750nm
  • OD>6+ from 2800-11,000nm

VLT = Excellent 


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