Anesthesia Carts (Mini Push Button Lock – 6 Drawer Tower)

MSRP $1,725.00Our Price $1,525.00

Anesthesia Carts for Medical Facilities

  • Model: MPT-630-MPD
  • Lead Time: 7-14 Business Days
  • Manufacturer: MPD Medical Systems Inc.


Mini Cart Accessory Packages

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Product Description

Anesthesia Carts (Mini Push Button Lock – 6 Drawer Tower)

Mini Towers combine most fo the space saving features of Mini Carts plus the advantage of large 5″ premium casters to make pushing a breeze. 

Mini Carts come with a free plastic top and your choice of 17 colors (standard in two-tone or solid beige, also available in solid colors).

Cart Configurations:

30″ Drawer Space


  • 3 x 3 Inch
  • 2 x 6 Inch
  • 1 x 9 Inch
  • Inside Drawer Dimensions: 16-1/2″D x 15″W

Cart dimensions: 43-3/4″H x 24-3/4″D x 24-1/2″W

Carts can be totally customized to fit your needs. Please send KMI an email ([email protected]) or give us a call (541-508-0540) to quote a full accessories package for your new cart.

Note: Carts are built as they are ordered and are not returnable.



  • TSB-1 Sharps Bracket (No Container)
  • TBS-1M Basic Shelving Unit Mini
  • TWC-3 Waste Container (no top)
  • TAB-1 Accessory Bar Bracket
  • TMH-10 Tray with 4 Dividers, 10 Ampule Holders
  • TET-2 x2  Trays
  • TET-1  Tray
  • TRY-4 Expandable Tray
  • TDV-5 x2 Drawer Divider Kit



  • TWC-3 Waste Container (no top)
  • TAB-1 Accessory Bar Bracket
  • TRY-4 Expandable Tray
  • TET-2 x2  Trays
  • TET-1 Tray
  • TDV-5 x2 Drawer Divider Kit

Product Enquiry

MPD Carts are manufactured as ordered and are therefore not returnable. There are exceptions for manufacturing defects. Defective carts require a pre-approved Return Merchandise Authorization number to be issued by MPD Manufacturing Customer Service Department. Please make sure the cart you are ordering is exactly what you need.

Damaged Goods

Inspect all packages carefully and note any carton damage (i.e. torn, dented, hole) on delivery receipt or bill of lading prior to signing your name. If there is excessive damage to cart packaging, OPEN and inspect the cart immediately, prior to accepting the cart. If the cart is damaged, REFUSE the cart and notify our Customer Service Department.

In case of Concealed Damage, DO NOT DISCARD PACKAGING or move product from receiving area. Call Customer Service within 72 hours. Failure to follow procedure releases any liability on damaged goods.

You may be asked to take and send pictures of both the damage and packaging, so our company can file a freight claim with the carrier.



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