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Bar-Ray Diamond Back X-ray Apron

Product Description

Bar-Ray Diamond Back X-ray Apron 

For complete protection against scatter radiation, the Diamond Back Wrap makes an ideal choice for individuals who prefer a comfortable, solid one-piece design and also need it to be as light as possible.The Diamond Back full wrap x-ray apron uses less fabric than the traditional full wrap apron, yet does not sacrifice radiation protection coverage either. The diamond shape design uses a 6″ wide belt that pulls through the apron’s side and works for a wide range of body shapes and sizes. As always, Shoulder pads are included.

Additional features of the Diamond Back Wrap include:

  • A full frontal overlap and over-the-shoulder closure system
  • An inside buckle to prevent the inner panel from sagging
  • Wide belt attachment that, when adjusted correctly, evenly transfers the weight from shoulders to hips

Please note: All radiation protection aprons are custom made-to-order and are non-returnable.

Optional Aerated Apron Upgrade

The Aerated Apron℠ Upgrade’s high-tech design uses an airspace vented liner for optimum cooling comfort. Most aprons trap in body heat, but the Aerated Apron℠ Upgrade allows cool air to circulate through the apron while hot air escapes through built in shoulder vents.

Optional Comfy Collar Upgrade

Breathable and sweat resistant, the Comfy Collar℠ Upgrade’s soft, vented liner allows air to flow through the fabric. You work hard. You might as well be comfortable.

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Radiation Protection for Health Professionals

  • Model:  DiamondBack-BR
  • Lead Time: 25-30 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Bar-Ray

Kemper Medical Owners Note: Base price reflects .35mm lead

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