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Child Size Wrap-Around X-ray Apron With Front Velcro Closure

Product Description

Bar-Ray Pediatric Wrap-Around X-ray Apron 

  • Wrap your little patients in a child size apron made just for them. The pediatric wrap-around is based on the adult Wide Belt Wrap-Around x-ray apron.
  • A front velcro closure provides a secure fit and keeps the patient x-ray apron in the proper position during your exams. 
  • 0.50mm protection. 
Measurements (front length/rear length)
Small (1 – 3) 10″ x 27″/25″
Medium (4 – 6) 12″ x 29″/27″
Large (7 – 10) 14″ x 31″/29″

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MSRP $480.00Our Price $365.00

Radiation Protection for your Youngest Patients

  • Model:  PediatricWA-BR
  • Lead Time: 20-25 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Bar-Ray

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