Bar-Ray Stretch Back Reverse Wrap X-ray Apron

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Radiation Protection for Health Professionals

  • Model: StretchBack-BR
  • Lead Time: 25-30 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Bar-Ray

Kemper Medical Owners Note: Base price reflects .35mm lead

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Bar-Ray Stretch Back Reverse Wrap X-ray Apron 

We took the stretch back feature of our Vari-Flex x-ray apron and coupled it with the adjustability offered by our Reverse Vest to create this comfortable version of the wrap around apron. The stretch back efficiently transfers weight from shoulders to the waist area while still offering full protection. With the elastic back design, there’s no difficulty adjusting this wrap around to fit a variety of body sizes, making it doubly useful in the maternity setting. Shoulder pads provide additional comfort. PLUS, THERE IS NO BELT TO LOSE WITH THIS MODEL! 

Available in .50mm or .35mm front protection with your choice of 425+ colors and patterns.

Please note: All radiation protection aprons are custom made-to-order and are non-returnable.

Wrap Size Chest Size Waist Size Hip Size Front Length Rear Length

18″ Wide

33-36″ 34-37″ 35-38″ 36″ 32″

20″ Wide

37-40″ 38-41″ 39-42″ 38″ 34″

22″ Wide

41-44″ 42-45″ 43-46″ 40″ 36″

24″ Wide

45-48″ 46-49″ 47-50″ 42″ 38″
Custom Size Want a custom fit? Call Kemper Medical at 541-508-0540 for personal service.

Optional Aerated Apron Upgrade

The Aerated Apron℠ Upgrade’s high-tech design uses an airspace vented liner for optimum cooling comfort. Most aprons trap in body heat, but the Aerated Apron℠ Upgrade allows cool air to circulate through the apron while hot air escapes through built in shoulder vents.

Optional Comfy Collar Upgrade

Breathable and sweat resistant, the Comfy Collar℠ Upgrade’s soft, vented liner allows air to flow through the fabric. You work hard. You might as well be comfortable.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 4 in


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