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Blue/Green Beam Laser Strike Safety Glasses for Pilots / Police / Emergency Personnel

Product Description

Laser Strike Blue/Green Beam Reduction Glasses

Laser Protective Eyewear for Pilots
Laser Pointers have become an increasing threat for our service men and women in such areas as Aviation, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Local Law Enforcement and Military.

Both intentional and non-intentional strikes of these high-powered visible blue, green and red lasers have been reported. These laser strikes can cause temporary and debilitating blindness and potentially fatal consequences in situations where sight is necessary, particularly in positions of defense.

Because of the ever-growing frequency of these incidents, Phillips Safety Products Inc. and Kemper Medical Inc. takes great pride in manufacturing and distributing laser pointer protection that not only absorbs the relevant laser wavelengths, but also allows the end-user the ability to see the necessary illuminations from the control panel on an aircraft or vessel or other necessary devices used by all service men and women. Although green laser pointers are most commonly used in these incidents, Phillips Safety have developed lenses that address other possibilities.

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For the Reduction of Blue and Green Laser Beams in laser pointers.

445-450nm 2+ OD

532nm 2.5+ OD

VLT: 43.0%

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Glasses cannot be returned after 30 days from delivery, even if unused.

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Laser Safety Glasses for Pilots / Police

  • Lead Time: 4-7 Business Days
  • Manufactured by: Phillips Safety Products