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Dual Syringe Kit for Bracco ACIST E-Z-EM Injector Systems

Product Description

Dual Syringe Compatible with Bracco ACIST E-Z-EM Injector Syringes

Package comes with:

  • Two (2) 200 ml Syringe
  • One (1) 60″ Y Coiled Tubing with Check Valve OR with Dual Check Valves
  • Two (2) Quick Fill Tubes

Note: Model 400103D includes 60″ Y Coiled Tubing with Dual Check Valves.

The model 400103D is a high quality and clinically equivalent generic high-pressure syringe which is lowering the cost of exams in cath labs and angiography, radiology suites, CT and MRI imaging centers, cancer centers, women’s health centers, and more. These syringes match OEM brands, and are in use around the world, including the US.

400103D OEM Equivalent: 017346 Syringe Kit with Dual Check Valves for EmpowerCTA Injectors


Product Enquiry

KMI is unable to ship Antmed syringes directly out of the US. All international orders must go through a freight forwarder or other US address. If you order directly off of the KMI website, your shipping address must be a United States address. Please email ([email protected] or call 541-508-0540) for more information.



MSRP $480.00Our Price $315.00

Dual Syringe Kit Compatible with the EmpowerCT & Empower CTA Injector Systems

  • Model: 400103D-AM
  • Lead Time: 1-2 Business Days
  • 20 Syringes per Case

Compatible syringes for Bracco ACIST E-Z-EM Injector systems

OEM Equivalent: Custom Dual Syringe for Bracco ACIST E-Z-EM EmpowerCTA Injector System

Ships from our Los Angeles or New Jersey Warehouse

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