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Endo Ultrasound Wedge with Vinyl Coating - Firm Foam

Product Description

Endo Ultrasound Wedge Positioning Sponge w/Vinyl Covering – 20 x 20 x 6 

New Firm Foam helps maintain patient position.

Reusable vinyl covered Endo ultrasound wedge is manufactured out of firm high-density urethane foam.

This style features a durable heavy gauge reinforced royal blue vinyl outer covering. Sewn seams and tear resistant.  These easy to clean  wedges are radiolucent, but the seams will show. Provides excellent support for a wide variety of imaging and positioning needs.

Sponge Shipping Note: If you are ordering several sponges, consider a kit or ordering via purchase order. Sponges are light weight, however, they require a large box which FedEx/UPS charge by dimensional weight. In most cases we can pack several sponges into a single box. The website cannot be programmed to understand the many ways sponges may be packed.


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Artifact Free Positioning Sponges

  • Model:  YVFZ-TA
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  • Manufacturer: Techno-Aide
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