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ErgoSEET Therapeutic Cushions

ErgoSEET Therapeutic Cushions

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On most soft foam or fluid cushions the pelvis sinks into the support medium and is allowed to rotate into posterior pelvic tilt because the cushion is soft and compresses along the back edge. The ErgoSEET, ErgoSEET Plus and WheelchairSEET are firm and do not allow this compression and loss of postural control because they use Dynamic Contouring instead of traditional compression and immersion. Dynamic Contouring is the use of shorter pillars in key areas that allows the pelvis to immerse into the seat, reducing pressure points by 71%.

In the normal seated position, the pelvis is unsupported and will rotate to the rear creating a slouching posture. Then the normal lower back (lumbar) curve decreases causing  pain and discomfort.  The ergoSEET uses "dynamic contouring" to cradle the pelvis not allowing it to roll to the back thus maintaining the proper lumbar curvature.

All of the ergoSEET producst are made of a unique closed cell EVA that is waterproof and dishwasher safe. There are very few other seat cushions that you can use in the bath tub. YOU can bathe with it, fits nicely on bath benches.

On November 1, 2009, The International Chiropractors Association announced its endorsement of the ergoSEET Technology. The endorsement was given after extensive product testing by the International Chiropractors Association’s Posture Committee. GoodMark Medical, based in Carmel , Indiana, has developed the patented/trademark protected technology for use within the seating and portable bedding sectors. The products name (SEET) is actually an acronym for; Seating. Ergonomic. Efficient. Technology.

The ergoSEET’s patented air flow technology is the key to its benefits. Increased air flow keeps the seating surface cooler in warm temperatures, warmer in cool temperatures and reduces skin perspiration. In field testing, the ergoSEET kept indoor seating temperatures over ten degrees cooler on average. This cooling benefit can be of significant importance, especially to those confined to long-periods of seating, on surfaces which are not breathable. The reduction of pressure points and heat rash are significant benefits from using one of the ErgoSEET products. Seating situations could include offices, cars, wheelchairs, church pews, etc. The warming benefits from the ergoSEET technology will be especially appreciated by those who find themselves in cold, damp, outdoor seating situations. These include sporting events, camping, hunting, fishing, etc.

The ergoSEET’s unique “ports and pillar” design offers excellent shock absorbency and also assists blood flow by evenly distributing body weight. The increased blood flow and reduced pressure points offered by the ergoSEET technology not only adds to its comfort, but are critical issues for those with circulation problems. In testing, the ergoSEET reduced wheelchair seating surface pressure by over 30 percent, while also enhancing “skin-breathing.” The benefits from this comfortable, yet shock absorbent technology, will be important to those whose lower back & spine may be aggravated by hard-seating surfaces.

Additional benefits of the ergoSEET include a proprietary closed-cell structure which makes it completely waterproof and resistant to odors. The durable, removable cover is designed to wick away moisture and is fully washable. The ergoSEET is also highly portable. The seat comes in several different sizes to accommodate as many different users and situations as possible and is packaged in a clear plastic zippered bag with convenient shoulder straps. The International Chiropractors Association thoroughly evaluated the ergoSEET, and found it to have an excellent seating surface to help reduce fatigue and discomfort and promote better sitting posture. The ICA strongly encourages Chiropractors to recommend this enhanced seating product to their patients.