Generic Equivalent Syringes for Nemoto Alpha Injectors

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High Pressure Syringe for Nemoto Nemoto Alpha Injector Systems

  • Model: 300103A-AM
  • Lead Time: 1-45 Business Days (This item is not normally kept in stock and can have a lengthy lead time for first orders. Call for availability)
  • 50 Syringes per Case

Generic compatible syringes for Nemoto Alpha Injector systems

OEM Equivalent: Custom Built Kit for the Nemoto Alpha Injector

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High Pressure 100 ml Syringe for GE Nemoto Alpha CT Injector Systems

  • The 300103A high pressure syringe, used with the Nemoto power injectors on the contrast side.  

Package comes with:

  • One (1) 100 ml syringe
  • One (1) 60″ Coiled Low Pressure Connecting Tube with Check Valve
  • One (1) Quick Fill Tube
  • One (1) Long Spike

300103A (for contrast) is intended to be used in conjunction with model 300103B (for saline)

The model 300103A is a high quality and clinically equivalent generic high-pressure syringes are lowering the cost of exams in cath labs and angiography, radiology suites, CT and MRI imaging centers, cancer centers, women’s health centers, and more. These syringes match OEM brands, and are in use around the world, including the US.

OEM Equivalent: Custom Built Kit for the Nemoto Alpha Injector



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Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 14 in


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