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Gonadal Shields - Set of three

Product Description

Gonadal Shields – Set of 3

Radiation Protection Gonad shields are available with or without optional Ties, Velcro or QR Buckle.

 The set includes 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large shield.

  • Specify Closure: (T) Ties, (V) Hook & Loop, (QR) Buckle
  • Standard Protection: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency
Shield: Size:
Small 3″ x 5″
(7.6cm x 12.7cm)
Medium 6″ x 7″
(15.2cm x 17.8cm)
Large 7″ x 9″
(17.8cm x 22.9cm)
806A Set of 3

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In a hurry? In stock for immediate shipment: Lt. Blue Vinyl or Royal Blue Nylon with (T) Ties or (V) Hook & Loop.

Product Enquiry

MSRP $62.04

Gonadal Radiation Protection for Your Clients

  • Model:  806A-SI
  • Lead Time: 12-14 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Shielding International

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