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Coated Lead Vinyl Sheeting 48″ x 96” or Cut to Specifications

Product Description

Lead Vinyl Sheeting (model 901, 902, 903)

Coated Lead Vinyl Sheeting drapes readily for on the job applications wherever flexible lead sheeting is required and is offered in a variety of lead equivalencies. Sold in sheet size 48″ x 96” (121.9cm x 243.8cm) or cut to specifications. Cutting charge applies. Color: Beige

Kemper Medical Owners Note: Sheeting is always less expensive by the full sheet. It cuts easily and stores easily.  If you need a large variety of sizes and maybe shapes, buy the full sheet and cut it yourself. You’ll save on cutting fees.

Call Kemper Medical @ 541-508-0540 for specific costs for the sheeting, cutting and shipping.

Model No. Pb Equivalency
901 .25mm
902 .50mm
903 1.0mm


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Multi-Purpose Lead Sheeting

  • Model: 901-SI
  • Lead Time: 1-2 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Shielding International
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