Coated Lead Vinyl Sheeting 48″ x 96” or Cut to Specifications

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Multi-Purpose Lead Sheeting

  • Model: 901-SI
  • Lead Time: 1-2 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Shielding International
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Product Description

Lead Vinyl Sheeting (model 901, 902, 903)

Coated Lead Vinyl Sheeting drapes readily for on the job applications wherever flexible lead sheeting is required and is offered in a variety of lead equivalencies. Sold in sheet size 48″ x 96” (121.9cm x 243.8cm) or cut to specifications. Cutting charge applies. Color: Beige

Kemper Medical Owners Note: Sheeting is always less expensive by the full sheet. It cuts easily and stores easily.  If you need a large variety of sizes and maybe shapes, buy the full sheet and cut it yourself. You’ll save on cutting fees.

Call Kemper Medical @ 541-508-0540 for specific costs for the sheeting, cutting and shipping.

Model No. Pb Equivalency
901 .25mm
902 .50mm
903 1.0mm


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