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Leg Length X-ray Filter

Product Description

Leg Length X-ray Filter

  • The leg length filter is for both CR-DR and film. 
  • Can be used at both 72 to 100 inches. 
  • The filter is graduated to decrease exposure to the lower leg. 
  • The thin portion is positioned at mid-thigh. 
  • This graduation in the fllter will even out the exposure. 
  • It has magnetic strips which make for easy placement on the base plate. 
  • The leg length filter is part of the Scoliosis Filter set. When you purchase the Scoliosis Filter set, the Leg Length Filter is included.



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Compensating Filters for X-ray Units

  • Model: LL1-FF
  • Lead Time:  2-3 Business Days
  • Manufacturer: Ferlic Filter


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