Weight-Bearing Cassette/DR Panel Cap

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 Cassette Caps for Imaging Departments

  • Model: WBC-RCI
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  • Manufacturer: RC Imaging

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Product Description

DR Panel / Cassette Weight Distribution Cap

Easy to carry, hard to break.

Our new Weight Bearing Protective Cover has been designed to accommodate Digital (DR) Panels, CR Cassettes, and traditional X-Ray Cassettes. Our covers are strong yet light-weight, offering a high degree of protection during weight bearing studies or procedures.

Our latest panel and cassette protectors are constructed of a high density polyethylene frame and either a carbon fiber or smoked polycarbonate top, offering protection up to 1300 lbs. Our easy list handle makes removal and carrying a breeze.

Each includes non-skid rubber feet that maintain the correct placement even on hard surfaces, which provides safety for all patients during procedures. The handle offers easy lifting and removal.

Weight Bearing Test Results.

A controlled mechanical test of our product was conducted by a certified independent lab. The test applied a center downward distributed load to the Weight Bearing Cover panel. The measurement shown is the amount of force induced to the point where the deflecting panel just makes contact with the detector. After testing, neither panel assembly showed any sign of damage or stress.

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