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MRI Non-Ferromagnetic Aluminum IV Pole for STA5000 Gurney

Product Description

MRI Non-Ferromagnetic Aluminum IV Pole for Gurney 

This MRI Non-Ferromagnetic IV Pole is constructed entirely of non-ferrous materials.  It is specifically suited for use in MRI rooms. 

Non Ferromagnetic Systems

          Ferromagnetic Detection Systems Feature the Following:
         • Reduces the risk of injuries and death
• Detects ONLY ferromagnetic materials
• Safe for patients with passive/active implants
• Indicates the location of the offending
object right on the portal
• Reduces operating cost by increasing
patient throughput
• Completely “passive device” does not emit
RF, EM, or Magnetic fields

Only works on gurney STA5000

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MRI Compatible IV Poles

  • Model: STA5100-CLM
  • Lead Time: 2-4 Business Days
  • Manufacturer: Creative Living Medical
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