MRI Non-Magnetic Breast Biopsy Tray – Case of 5

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 MRI – Non Magnetic Supplies for MRI Suites

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  • Manufacturer: Creative Living Medical

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MRI Non-Magnetic Biopsy Tray

MRI Non-Ferromagnetic Certified Biopsy Tray

SAFETY: Designed and certified within the guidelines of the new ASTM standards in effect so your facility. No Longer has to assume the liability for any safety accidents due to items made with ferrous materials. Even the “BEST” employees can make a human error. It only takes one incident to hurt someone.
USAGE FLEXIBILITY WITH LESS WASTE: Based on customer feedback for increased ordering and procedure flexibility you’ll note that we packaged the main biopsy components separately as well as in a MRI biopsy tray.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Our manufacturer offers the only MRI NON-Ferromagnetic certified disposable scalpel and MRI NON-Ferromagnetic certified needle.

COST EFFECTIVE: This product is a first of its kind. Developed by technologists who perform the procedures.It is cost effective, practical and safe to use.

MR Conditional to: 3-Tesla

MRI Biopsy Tray is SAFE in the MR environment when used in the prescribed fashion for all Tesla Strengths

5 trays per case

Tray Contents:
Quantity Description
1 Betadine pkg of 3 swabsticks
2 2×2 12 ply gauze
10 4×4 12 ply gauze
1 17×20 towel
1 5ml syringe LL
2 10ml syringe LL
1 20ml syringe LL
1 ChloraPrep 3ml
1 Steri-strip 1/2 x 3 (3/card)
1 Sterile labels card w/sterile pen
1 Alcohol prep pad
1 Plastic forcep
1 20g 9cm needle
1 #11 blade scalpel
1 4oz Plastic specimen container
1 10x5x2 Deep Prep Tray

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 18 in

Creative Living Medical

Number of Trays


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