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MRI Non-Magnetic Du-O-Vac Plus Gas Powered Suction System

Product Description

MRI Non-Magnetic Du-O-Vac Plus Suction System

A non electrical suction device powered by 50 PSI gas source. It Produces 0-350 mmhg of suction, 500 ml collection canister has built in hydrophobic filter to protect against contamination, 2 50 PSI power take offs, small and lightweight.

DISS Wall Connection
Model # OXM1732
Ohmeda Wall Connection
Model # OXM1733
Chemtron Wall Connection
Model # OXM1739-01
Puritan Bennett Wall Connection
Model # OXM1734

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 MRI Supplies for MRI Suites

  • Model: OXM1732-CLM
  • Lead Time: 3-5 Business Days
  • Manufactured by: Creative Living Medical

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