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Pedia-Poser Pediatric X-Ray Positioning Chair for infants

Product Description

Pedia-Poser Pediatric X-Ray Positioning Chair

Item #24301 Pediatric Positioning Chair for infants through 4 year olds

Fast, Gentle and Secure Positioning for Pediatric X-Ray Imaging

The Pedia-Poser provides fast, gentle, and secure immobilization of infants through 4-year olds for X-ray imaging. The patient is secured only once: the chair rotates, quickly positioning for different views. This simple, reliable product is the child-friendly solution for pediatric positioning. CID Practice Positioning Bear included. The good addition to the Pigg-O-Stat immobilizer.

  • Patient immobilization is done gently but securely.
  • The patient is secured only once: the chair rotates, positioning for different views.
  • Keeps patient as close to the film as possible to ensure high quality images.
  • Cassette holder included, or may be used with upright bucky.
  • Adjustable back and head-tilt support fits patients of all sizes.
  • Critical chair components are x-ray lucent for excellent x-ray contrast.
  • Made of germ-resistant, easy-to-clean nonporous polyethylene.
  • High-quality lockable casters provide mobility and stability.
  • Simple, reliable, and virtually indestructible.

Pediatric X-Ray Positioning for Toddlers

The bench seat is used with children ranging in size from toddlers up to small 4 year olds. The seat can be placed in one of two seat slots depending on the height of the child. The chair back adjusts to the height of the child. The non-stretchy Velcro straps are used with the stronger toddlers to secure their arms in the desired pose. The padded chin strap is used to achieve the desired head tilt.

The radiology technologist has full control over the adjustments of the chair for patient comfort and imaging quality. The toddler configuration allows the patient’s head to fit comfortably into the headrest while still allowing the chin to be slightly elevated.

Pediatric X-Ray Positioning for Infants

The infant saddle seat is used for infants through about 8 month olds. Soft stretchy Velcro straps are used to secure the arms in the desired pose. The chin strap is also used to support the head and neck.

  • Views: AP, Lateral, Oblique
  • C-Spine, Chest, Abdominal, Magnified Airway, Soft Tissue Neck
  • Critical components are X-ray lucent for excellent image contrast
  • Easy to keep clean, germ-resistant, non-porous polyethylene construction
  • Simple and virtually indestructable

Award Winning Design for Pediatric X-Ray Positioning

The Pedia-Poser Pediatric X-Ray Positioning Chair was honored with a “Radiology Technology MVP” award. The Radiology MVP Award is an industry-sponsored award judged by a panel of radiology professionals. Awards are given to products “which display a blend of efficiency, innovation, practicality, and technological progress.”

One of our customers, a Radiology Director at Miami Children’s Hospital, agrees:

“This device makes imaging pediatric patients for chest X-rays and other X-rays a cakewalk. No longer do we have to deal with screaming twisting children due to the archaic torture-type tie-down of previous types of devices. This device is child friendly and easy to use, both on my technologists and my patients. We have minimized repeats, which means minimizing radiation dose to the patient. We love this device.”

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 Pediatric Positioning Aid

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