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R & L 1" X-ray Film Markers

Product Description

R & L 1″ X-ray Film Markers

  • Aluminum Casing for the most DURABLE x-ray film markers available
  • RED is the standard color for “R” x-ray markers and Misc. words.
  • Available with or without initials or numbers.  Choose model 5E for markers with no initials.
  • Completely encased high-density letters.
  • BLUE is the standard color for the “L” x-ray markers.
  • Enhances quality control with fewer repeat exams.

Product Enquiry

MSRP $25.00

Markers for Imaging Professionals

  • Model:  7E-TA
  • Lead Time:  4-7 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Techno-Aide

Choose your marker colors

Up to 3 initials

Copper Filtered