SANI-CLOTH Disinfecting Super Wipes – Individual Packets 10 boxes per case.

MSRP $148.00Our Price $105.00

 Germicides and Cleaners

  • Model: GWP-PW55CS-TA
  • Lead Time: 5 Business Days
  • Manufactured by: Techno-Aide

Product Description

SANI-CLOTH Disinfecting Super Wipes (Purple Top)

  • Wipe is 5″ x 8″.  Box of 50 packets / 10 boxes per case. 
  • Contains the highest range of effectiveness.
  • Alcohol content: High @ 55%.
  • Recommended contact time:  2-minutes or less.
  • Popular industry choice for most imaging equipment.
  • Recommended for cleaning and disinfecting aprons, transfer boards, wheelchairs, keyboards and other imaging accessory surfaces.
  • These wipes meet or exceed CDC, OSHA, and CMS TAG F441 Guidlines.

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