Scoliosis X-Ray Filter

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Compensating Filters for X-ray Units

  • Model: 800-FF
  • Lead Time:  2-3 Business Days
  • Manufacturer: Ferlic Filter

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X-Ray Tube Model

Product Description

Scoliosis X-ray Filter

The scoliosis x-ray filter consists of a base plate with magnetic strips to allow easy placement of the both the AP and lateral wedges. The AP filter is graduated to decrease density evenly from T12 through the upper cervical spine. The lateral wedges decrease radiation in the cervical and thoracic spine areas. Where the x-ray filter is present radiation is reduced to the patient by 50% or more.

The leg length filter is for both CR-DR and film. Can be used at both 72 to 100 inches. The filter is graduated to decrease exposure to the lower leg. The thin portion is positioned at mid-thigh. This graduation in the filter will even out the exposure. It has magnetic strips which make for easy placement on the base plate. The leg filter is part of the scoliosis filter set.



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