Shielding Intl Back Relief X-ray Apron

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 Radiation Protection for Health Professionals

  • Model: BR-SI
  • Lead Time: 12-14 Business Days
  • Manufacturer: Shielding International



Protection Option * 

Choose the appropriate core material for your needs.

Protection Level * 

Choose the appropriate level of protection for your needs.

Apron Length * 

Apron Width * 

Fabrics & Colors * 

Please choose from the following options – See fabric colors

Binding Choice

(optional) Please choose from the following options – see options here. If no binding choice is made, the default color for the fabric choice will be used.

Add a Thyroid Collar

*Collar will be the same fabric and color in Regular Lead. If you want a different fabric, color or core material, please order separately

Add Pocket

Not Available with Vinyl Fabric

Add a Shoulder Strap

Having trouble keeping your apron on your shoulders? Add a shoulder strap.

Belt Size

Optional BRX Belt

Embroidery (+$15.00)

First Line

Type the color thread you prefer. If you order a multi colored apron, choose “contrasting” and the embroiderer will use an appropriate thread color.

Stock Embroidery

(optional) Please choose from the following options – see options here.

Add an Apron Bag

Apron bag will be made with the same fabric as the apron.

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Back Relief X-Ray Apron

The Back Relief X-ray Apron transfers the weight from the shoulders to the hips with the help of a 6” wide elastic belt. The adjustable back shoulder strap keeps the apron snug. the BR x-ray apron comes standard with BR Belt which may be ordered to fit various sized individuals (please indicate belt size when ordering). Shoulder pads included. 

  • Standard Radiation Protection: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency
  • BR Belt may be ordered separately.
  • Optional BRX Belt (model BX) provides extra back support.             

BR Belt Size Chart

Small fits waist 28″ to 38″

Medium fits waist 36″ to 48″

Large fits waist 44″ to 58″

Here are some helpful links:

 Back Relief X-ray Apron w/BRX Belt Option (Model BRX) 

Same x-ray apron style features BRX brace belt with unique bionic system designed to help with lower back stress or strain by providing incredible support and comfort. The pulley system cinches the belt. The system and cords are backed by a lifetime warranty. The BRX belt can be adjusted for various body positions and is comfortable when worn outside our x-ray aprons (may also be used with other x-ray apron styles). Shoulder pads included. Model BRX

BRX Belt Size Chart

Belt Model No. Size Fits Waist
BRX-S Small 25″ – 30″
(63.5cm – 76.2cm)
BRX-M Medium 30″ – 45″
(76.2cm – 88.9cm)
BRX-L Large 35″ – 40″
(88.9cm – 101.6cm)
BRX-XL XLarge 40″ – 45″
(101.6cm – 114.3cm)
BRX-XXL XXLarge 45″ – 50″
(114.3cm – 127cm)



Note:  Vinyl fabric is not available for widths greater than 24″

Note: All aprons are custom manufactured to your specifications and are not returnable. 

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 2 in

Shielding International

Protection Level

50mm Pb


Large, Medium, Small

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