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Shoulder X-Ray Filter

Product Description

Shoulder X-ray Filter

This x-ray filter is for shoulder use with CR and film. No positioning required, just move it in until it stops, they are already centered. Tech Proof with a stainless steel base custom fit for all x-ray machines (including portables). Also reduces radiation by filtering before it reaches the patient!

Shoulder Features:

  • Primary uses are for the AP and Y view of the shoulder to reduce overexposure of the AC joint and distal end of the clavicle for easy viewing.
  • It also can be used for a lateral knee to reduce overexposure of the patella.
  • The x-ray filters shape follows the natural contour of the shoulder.
  • The graduated curve increases in thickness to reduce overexposure.
  • The overall density of the shoulder remains within the normal viewing range when the shoulder x-ray filter is used. Adjusting the contrast when using CR will not be necessary.


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 Compensating Filters for X-ray Units

  • Model: Shoulder-FF
  • Lead Time:  4-6 Business Days
  • Manufacturer: Ferlic Filter


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