Table Scatter Shield Radiation Protection Barrier

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Radiation Protection for Your Staff and Clients

  • Model:  TSS-1300-SI
  • Lead Time: 10-12 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Shielding International

Call for Pricing: 541-508-0540

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Product Description

Table Scatter Shield 

The Table Scatter Shield features pleated lead panels to enable staff and x-ray tube (or C-arm) mobility while providing protection from scatter radiation. Padded surface panel fits over standard size table: 18.5″/47cm width x 52″/132cm length with 12″x12″ (30.5 x 30.5cm) overlapping lead panels draped on both sides. May also be customized to specific table dimensions, panel lengths or to include table end flaps.

Covered in any of the many fabric choices offered by Shielding International.

There is no standard price for the Table Scatter Shield.  The price will be influenced by:

1.  The length of the shield along the table side.

2.  Shielding needed on only one side or both sides.

3.  Width of the panels. 6″ panels require more overlaps than 8″ which will require more lead than 8″ and 10″ etc. Larger panels require less lead, however, they make moving the C-arm tube in and out of position slightly more cumbersome. Kemper Medical Owners note: 8″ panels are the most popular.

4.  Do you need radiation scatter protection at the head end where you may have an anesthetist sitting?

5.  The length of each panel. Measure the distance from your table top to the floor when your table is at the average height you normally perform your procedures.

  • Standard Radiation Protection: 0.5mm Pb Equivalency

Please call or email with table dimensions for a quote or just ask for help. We’re here to help. 541-508-0540

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