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Techno-Aide EZ Guard X-ray Apron - With Buckle -

Product Description

EZ Guard X-ray Apron –  With Buckle

The EZ Guard x-ray apron is a very popular all purpose frontal apron. It is a weight adjustable x-ray apron with criss-cross back allowing for easy adjustability for your entire staff. This apron provides all purpose frontal protection with 0.5mm lead equivalency and 2″ Buckle Closure. Easy adjust the weight off the shoulders as needed.  

  • Free Dual Pocket with two separate spaces is built into the apron. Use one for your thyroid collar and the other for cellphone, pager, markers or other items.  
  • Free Shoulder Pads concealed for comfort and durability.
  • Wider shoulders to better distribute x-ray apron weight.
  • High underam for better protection. 
  • Double fold binding for strength and tear resistance!
  • Two year warranty on materials and workmanship.

ALL Techno-Aide protective garments offer CONFIDENT RADIATION PROTECTION. 

Note: All aprons are custom manufactured to your specifications and are not returnable. 

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Radiation Protection for Health Professionals

  • Model: EB-TA
  • Updated Lead Time: 16 Business Days. 10-12 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Techno-Aide

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