Techno-Aide Premium Imaging Room Bundle

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Techno-Aide Premium Imaging Room Bundle

  • Model: BNDL-PR01
  • Manufactured by: Techno-Aide
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Techno-Aide Premium Imaging Room Bundle

This premium specialty room bundle offers everything you need for virtually any imaging room. Whether you’re outfitting a new facility, or simply upgrading an existing room, our convenient room bundles offer a true “One-Stop-Shop” experience!

Techno-Aide’s new room bundles offer a wide variety of critical products such as Protective Apparel, X-Ray Markers, and General Supplies & Accessories, all at a discounted bundle price! Save time and save money, so you can save lives, by shopping of our new room bundles today!

Premium Imaging Room Bundle includes the following:

  • (x1) FM-5L-61-K-B-T – EZ Comfort-Flex/Medium/Sapphire
  • (x1) FL-5L-64-K-B-T – EZ Comfort-Flex/Large/Onyx
  • (x1) FX-5L-63-K-B-T – EZ Comfort-Flex/XL/Emerald
  • (x1) TN-5R-61-N-V-T – Thyroid-No Binding/Sapphire
  • (x1) TN-5R-64-N-V-T – Thyroid-No Binding/Onyx
  • (x1) TN-5R-63-N-V-T – Thyroid-No Binding/Emerald
  • (x1) LL-5R-61-K-B-N – Lap Guard Half Apron/Large/Sapphire
  • (x1) LER-9KPL – Ultra Guard Radiation Safety Glasses/Black
  • (x1) LES-CKPL – Cover Guard Radiation Safety Glasses
  • (x1) HGP – Premium Full Coverage Radiation Safety Finger Gloves/Navy
  • (x1) AGR-110 – Wall Mounted Apron & Glove Hanging Rack
  • (x1) RDS-12 – Universal Patient Restraint Strap/Black
  • (x1) PAD-ST1-BLU-NG – Standard Radiolucent X-Ray Table Pad/Blue
  • (x1) YB-X-A02 – General Closed Cell Sponge Bundle
  • (x1) SBPR-10S-BLK-ST – Heavy-Gauge Vinyl Sandbag Pair
  • (x1) TA-A3 – Plastic 1″ Arrow Multi-Directional Marker
  • (x1) TA-4 – Plastic Right & Left (5/8″) Vertical Marker Set
  • (x1) MM-XRAY – Marker Mate Reusable Marker Adhesives
  • (x1) HK-16 – Wall Mounted Marker Storage Board
  • (x1) SDM-BB25 – Skin Dot Markers
  • (x1) CAL-21 – Aluminum Bariatric Body Caliper
  • (x1) PBMB-3024 – Compact Window X-Ray Mobile Barrier
  • (x1) WBC-1417W – Weight Bearing CR/DR Panel Protector
  • (x1) BAS-30 – Adjustable Seated 4-Leg Stool
  • (x1) BBD-63 – Dual Platform Bariatric Step Stool w/ Handrail
  • (x1) BIV-70 – Easy Glide Economy IV Pole
  • (x1) 2931-PL-11 – “Caution Radiation Area” X-Ray Room Sign/Yellow/Magenta
  • (x1) 2931-PL-12 – Bilingual Pregnancy X-Ray Sign/Black/White
  • (x1) CCL-14 – Disposable CR/DR Panel Covers
  • (x1) GSS-49 – Disposable Stretcher Sheets/Light Blue
  • (x1) GXE-55 – Disposable Patient Exam Gowns/Light Blue
  • (x1) TW-SCK – Ultimate CR/DR Panel Cleaning Bundle


  • Brand: Techno-Aide
  • Product Type: Imaging Room Bundle

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Weight 254 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 68 in


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