Thyro-Guard (attached) For Techno-Aide Aprons

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Thyroid Radiation Protection for your Staff and Clients

  • Model:  TAR-TA
  • Updated Lead Time: 30 days. 10-12 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Techno-Aide

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Product Description

Thyro-Guard Attached Thyroid Collar 

  • Keep your thyroid collar with your apron at all times.
  • Attached thyroid collars include a snap ring for easy collar attachment.
  • Attach anytime with tethered strap.
  • Our x-ray aprons unique 2-in-1 pocket design allows you to store the thyroid collar in one pocket, and other items like a cell phone or markers in the other.
  • The Attached Thyroid Collar can connect easily to any Techno-Aide apron.



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