Vertical Lead Radiation Protection Curtain

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Specialty Radiation Protection

  • Model: VLC-SI
  • Manufacturer: Shielding International
  • Lead Time: 10-12 Business Days

Product Description

Vertical Lead Radiation Protection Curtain

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Vertical Lead Radiation Protection Curtains offer easy access and protection for small control areas where secondary or low level radiation is present. Curtain vanes are made of high quality vinyl coated lead for easy cleaning. Includes complete vertical curtain track. Color: Beige

*Pictured to show individual panels. Panels overlap when closed completely.

Model No.Radiation ProtectionPanel Width
VLC-2025.25 mm Pb Equivalency2.75″
(7 cm)
VLC-2050.50 mm Pb Equivalency2.75″
(7 cm)

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