Veterinary Immobilizer – Small

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Artifact Free Positioning Sponges

  • Model:  QYVCA-TA
  • Lead Time: 1-10 Business days
  • Manufacturer: Techno-Aide

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Product Description

Veterinary Immobilizer – Small

This immobilizer is a non-coated polyurethane foam covered with black “Techno-Tuff” vinyl which is resistant to teeth and claws.
The Techno-Tuff covering is made of a flexible material that is water-proof, stain-proof, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, lead-free, and fire resistant. 

  • Cleans easily with mild cleaner or germicide.
  • Loop sewn around the bottom of immobilizer allows easy positioning of Hook straps to secure animal limbs at any bottom location for excellent 1st image.
  • “V” shape keeps animal secure for good technique!
  • “Loop” along complete bottom perimeter for maximum stability!

Small:  10″L x 4″W x 3″H


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