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Over the last few years, Kemper Medical has become a rising star and a top medical supplies online resource. We’ve built our respected reputation by offering a large selection of radiation protection, protective eyewear, X-ray markers, apron racks, exam tables & chairs, lab furniture, etc, and have the expertise to help you with decisions. Oh, and also at the lowest prices you can find. We are dedicated to providing only the best medical imaging products and premium medical supplies by US manufacturers. Let us earn your business.

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Radiation protection remains crucial in a variety of industries. Those working in hospitals and physician offices, dental clinics, imaging facilities, pain clinics, and veterinarian offices are simply a few of the individuals who may be exposed to radiation on a regular basis. Radiation supplies are needed to make the task easier and reduce the amount of exposure the patient and technician receive. When radiation supplies and protection are needed, organizations turn to Kemper Medical to obtain the desired items at affordable prices. Thanks to the wide range of products we offer, many health care facilities find we are the only place they need to turn when in need of any medical or hospital equipment and supplies, not simply those used for digital imaging. Following are some of the many items we carry.


Medical equipment needs to be reliable, as lives are on the line when equipment of this type malfunctions. When items are used after signs of failure are detected, pumps may not deliver the appropriate medications, a bone mineral density analyzer may provide inaccurate results, or an exam lamp may not provide the necessary lighting to carefully evaluate a patient. Kemper Medical offers Medical products Online and numerous others to ensure medical care facilities have the items they need to provide the highest level of care without raising prices to provide this care.


When selecting a medical supplies provider, many factors need to be considered. First and foremost, the response time of the company must be taken into account. Although health care facilities typically stay on top of their medical supplies and the quantity in stock, an occasion may arise when supplies are needed in a short period of time. Can the provider fulfill the order? What is their schedule for a fill or delivery? Make certain they are responsive, whether you are placing an order or have an issue with an order that has been filled, and determine if you'll have one contact within the company or will be working with a different representative every time. In many cases, it's best to have one contact, as they become familiar with the items being ordered and can make recommendations when new products come in. We offer the best in Medical Supplies Online.


Quality remains of utmost importance when it comes to diagnostic imaging supplies, as radiation can be hazardous when not properly used. Health care facilities need a wide range of products to select from, including patient positioners, immobilizers and straps, and many other items may be needed. These items help to ensure the patient is exposed to the minimal amount of radiation while getting the images required. In addition, technicians must be properly suited to ensure they aren't exposed to unnecessary levels of radiation, as they may spend a large part of their day obtaining the images needed by the doctor.


Patient and staff safety need to be top priorities in every health care facility. Purchasing disposable items for use with each unique patient can quickly drive costs up, however, and we understand this. For this reason, we offer a wide range of supplies at affordable prices. Hospitals in need of liners for blood pressure cuffs, scrubs, bouffant caps, and beard covers call on us to supply these items. Disposable shoe covers, deluxe exam gowns, and yellow isolation gowns are also stocked for our customers.

Other items aren't disposable, yet do wear out over time. For example, hospitals may find they need to replace IV poles or infusion stands, upgrade over-the-bed tables when new beds are purchased, or acquire more instrument trays when new specialties are offered in the facility. Kemper Medical stocks these products and numerous others and works with clients to find the right products for their needs.


Hospitals, as with any health care provider, have unique needs. They are often required to transport patients, for example, and need equipment to handle this task. In addition, they may need specialized equipment for various departments within the hospital. Physical therapy departments have different requirements than radiology departments, meaning a provider is needed that can supply a variety of items. Kemper Medical is this provider. Phlebotomy chairs and carts are used in certain areas of the hospital, and a facility may need privacy screens. We carry all of these items and many more to ensure clients don't need to turn to multiple suppliers to equip their facility.


Whether you are in need of medical supplies or hospital equipment, the choice of provider is crucial. This company becomes a partner in improving the health and well being of patients and organizations must be able to rely on them. When making this selection, search for a provider used by many similar organizations and one that has a proven track record in the industry. The company should employ an experienced team, one with the skills and education to assist clients in the selection process and to be of assistance if something goes wrong.

In addition, this provider should carry insurance and provide a warranty on the products sold. This shows they stand behind what they offer, which is of great importance when it comes to items of this type. Ask about the process if a problem does arise. Who needs to be contacted in this situation and how will the problem be resolved? Hopefully, this will never become an issue, yet it is helpful to have this information up front. In addition, be sure to ask about turnaround time, payment terms and more. We here at Kemper Medical will be more than happy to provide this information and whatever else customers need to feel satisfied they are making the correct choice for their health care organization.

Kemper Medical works with a wide range of suppliers to ensure the needs of all clients are met. Health care facilities making use of our services find we offer products from companies such as S&S X-ray Products, Clinton, Brewer and TagSmart, along with many others. Contact us today for your medical supplies, medical equipment, hospital supplies, hospital equipment, digital imaging supplies, and more. We'll work to find exactly what you need to provide top quality health care to all of your patients.