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Choosing the Right Protection and Safety Glasses For Your Needs – Laser, Glassblowing, and Radiation

Choosing the most effective style of radiation protection glasses is more than just a fashion choice. The style of frame chosen can have a direct effect on the amount of radiation reaching the cornea. There are several things to consider as you look through the wide variety of Radiation Glasses and frame choices. You might want to consider what type of exam is being performed and where the monitor is located while the exam is taking place?

For example: If the exam requires you to be in close proximity to the patient and if you have your head turned away towards a monitor, how much scatter radiation could your eyes be receiving? What if you accidentally looked the direction of a reflected laser beam? How long would it take to cause damage? The answer: instantly.

If this scenario sounds familiar then the correct type of frame is going to be one of the larger wraparound styles such as the Model 98 Superlites, Wiley X or the Nike Mercurial 8.0.

Another option is a frame with added side shields such as the Model 525. If you need more general radiation protection for your eyes and you tend to wear your glasses all day for all circumstances then one of the lighter weight metal frames such as Model 116 wraparound or any of the Alumilite or Ultralite series of frames would be best.

A Swedish study examining the effectiveness of radiation protection glasses on interventional radiology staff showed that lead glasses reduced the dose of radiation to the eye by only 30% to 82%. (Evaluation of Eye Lens Doses Received by Medical Staff Working in Interventional Radiology at Sahlgrenska University Hospital)

When the head phantom used for the study was angled towards the monitor, they discovered incident radiation coming from back-scatter on the head and incident radiation from the side.

When the head phantom instead was angled towards the irradiated part of the patient, the dose reduction ability differed from 81% to 88%, i.e. less dependent of design of the lead glasses.

This means that contribution from back scattered radiation in the head is almost impossible to avoid by adjusting the design of the glasses. However, the design is important when considering incident radiation from the side.

The above study shows the importance of choosing the right frame for the procedures being performed. It also shows that incident scatter is impossible to completely eliminate. Adjusting monitors, distance, head angle to radiation scatter source can all help reduce incident scatter.

Making the right choice of radiation protection frame is more than just a fashion statement. The right choice will go a long way to help reduce scatter to your eyes.

Radiation protection glasses are all made with high grade Schott glass in .75mm lead equivalency. Many of our frames also have side protection. Kemper Medical staff has the expertise to help you decide which frame is right for you if you need the help. Contact KMI at [email protected] or call us 541-508-0540 if you have any questions regarding our frames.

Kemper Medical Also Specializes in Laser Protection Glasses

Laser Safety Glasses were developed to protect your eyes from laser light used in various places that use lasers, including: medical, industrial, military, research, and many education applications. There are various types of different lasers and applications. Each of these lasers run at different wavelength and power settings. Protection eyewear should keep you safe from all ranges of laser activity. When unprotected (which is not recommended) the human eye is sensitive to laser light, heat, and radiation which can cause permanent damaged from direct and even reflected laser beams. Whether you work in a lab or medical facility the risk remains the same. It’s our job to help you stay protected and make sure your eyesight remains intact long term. Kemper Medical is the leading source of laser protection glasses and eyewear online. It’s our recommendation that our customers use caution when operating laser equipment and choose to wear the appropriate laser protection eyewear for their specific application and environment. If you need help selecting the right laser protection glasses, feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to help.

We love to hear from our customers, so tell us what you think of our radiation, glassblowing, and laser protection glasses!