Creative Living Medical MRI Non-Magnetic Pre-Filled Fire Extinguisher

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Creative Living Medical MRI Non-Magnetic Pre-Filled Fire Extinguisher

  • Model: FEM2000-01
  • Manufactured by: Creative Living Medical
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Creative Living Medical MRI Non-Magnetic Pre-Filled Fire Extinguisher

The Model FE-2000 fire extinguisher is designed to be the ideal fire extinguisher for hazard areas that require a reliable and safe non-magnetic fire extinguisher. The agent is proven to be electrically non-conductive (will not damage sensitive electrical equipment like computers), leaves no residue, and requires no clean-up. The agent has no ozone depletion potential and is lower in toxicity compared to comparable extinguishing agents.

The UL/ULC approved fire extinguisher has a completely non-magnetic stainless steel shell and non-magnetic valve, hose, and nozzle. The unit was tested by Magnetic Resonance Safety Testing Services and shown to be non-magnetic to 3.0 Tesla. The extinguisher can safely be mounted within the MRI room.


  • Extinguisher shells are 100% factory pressure tested in excess of 300 psi (20.7 bar)
  • Easy grip extinguisher handles designed for maximum portability, allowing operators to fight fires without having to remove work gloves
  • Cleanguard extinguishers have large, color-coded pressure gauges which provide a quick visual indication of unit readiness
  • Ring pins with retention chains are utilized and held in place by a visual inspection seal to help prevent accidental discharges
  • One-piece mylar label with easy-to-read pictograms provides the user with step-by-step operating instructions and the hazard classes for which the extinguisher was designed. Label also contains useful recharge, maintenance, inspection, operating temperature, HMIS, and model information
  • Large, easy-to-scan bar-coded model and serial numbers simplify inspection and maintenance record keeping
  • Valve sub-assemblies are 100% tested for functionality before final assembly
  • Cleanguard extinguishers are filled at the factory to precise tolerances
  • Pressurized and 100% leak tested utilizing mass spectrometry technology
  • Cleanguard extinguishers are shipped from the factory in individual corrugated cardboard cartons. Designed and field-tested to help assure your extinguishers arrive undamaged and ready for operation
  • As a final quality control step, Cleanguard extinguishers are randomly sampled for performance testing, which includes weight percent discharge and discharge times
  • Pre-Filled for A, B & C fires
  • No Clean-Up – No Residue
  • Non-Magnetic (tested up to 3 Tesla)
  • Safe for sensitive electronic equipment
  • Safe for exposure to occupants
  • Zero ozone depletion
  • FAA approved
  • Rechargeable
  • UL/ULC Listed
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI/UL 2129 and 711
  • The temperature range is -400F to 120F (-40C to 49C) MSDS included in the shipment Labeled NM for Non-Magnetic


  • Brand: Creative Living Medical
  • Product Type: Fire Extinguisher
  • Capacity: 13.25 lbs
  • Agent: DuPont FE-36
  • UL Rating1-A:10-B: C
  • Discharge Time: 13.5 seconds
  • Maximum Effective Range: 14-16 ft
  • Charged Weight: 20 lbs
  • Dimensions: 25.5″ H x 9″ W x 7″ D
  • English Only Labeling

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 14 × 10 in

Creative Living Medical

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Fire Extinguisher

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